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The 2015 Jurassic World Event was a sponsored event held by chosen Roblox developers due to the movie Jurassic World in theaters June 12, 2015. The event started on the 1st of June 2015 and ended on the 15th of June that same year. The goal of this event was to hunt for Jurassic World-themed items scattered throughout three games: The Quarry, ROBLOX Point, and Innovative Research Lab.

Each game had a unique dinosaur item users could use to customize their Roblox character.


Name Image Creator/Group
The Quarry
ROBLOX Point Theme Park
Theme park
R15! Innovation Labs


Jurassic World - The Park Is Open June 12 (TV Spot 9) (HD)

Jurassic World - The Park Is Open June 12 (TV Spot 9) (HD)

The teaser trailer about the sponsored event.


These are the items that could be found during the event.

Icon Name Game How to get
Stegosaurus Tail The Quarry Has a very small chance of dropping when destroying a block.
Dinosaur Tooth Innovation Research Labs Spawns at set spawnpoints outside the laboratory and at the "Jurassic Research" Area.
Robloxatops Mask Roblox Point Spawns at set spawnpoints across the map. Only one can exist at a time.

Catalog Items

These are the items that can be bought during the event.

Icon Name Price Info
Velociroblox 1 ticket Can be ridden by press the AWSD keys, press SPACE to move and dismount by pressing CTRL.