TNT Rush Is Made By A Group Named Red Penguin Production In 2015.

This Place Has Over 20M+ Visits. TNT Rush Remastered is a game on the Voltron Universe Event On 2017

Game Modes

  • Classic
  • Lit
  • Falling In Place
  • Chill Out!
  • Musical Blocks
  • Event Round


  • TNT (Disappears when Stepping on it)
  • Lit TNT (Explodes When Stepping on it)
  • Green Musical Block (Can Disappear And Regenerates)
  • Booster (Can Be Used To Fly Back Up To The top!)

Game Event Objectives

1. Win 3 Rounds On The Game (Boss Round Counts) (Will Be Awarded The Top Of The Universe Hat)

2. Collect 4 Bayards On Every Round And Defeat Prince Lotor! (Will Be Awarded The Sword Of Mamora)


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The game was made before the textures were changed.


The TNT Block Before It's Changed


The Icon For The Event

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