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The current administrator badge, used since early 2017.

Administrators, also known as staff members, admins, developers and devs, are ROBLOX employees and are the people who make ROBLOX work. They are the people who release updates, make changes to the website and keep ROBLOX running. Administrators also have administrative powers, and can moderate. The best way to communicate with an administrator is through a forum or a personal message. Unless a person has the admin badge, they are not an admin.

Administrators have abilities that normal users do not have. They have the same abilities as moderators, but do not generally use them, since their job is to develop and not to moderate. They can give items to users, create site notices and manipulate the website in many ways, partly as part of their work.

Becoming an employee

In order to become a staff member, players must work at ROBLOX Headquarters at San Mateo, California. They also must be at least 18 years of age or older to have an actual job at ROBLOX. ROBLOX publishes a list of the jobs available and people can apply for these jobs.

Identifying administrators

All ROBLOX employees have the administrator badge, and moderators have the moderator badge, on a game, ROBLOX employees will have a roblox logo next to their name on the player list. This makes it possible to distinguish them from normal players. If a player who doesn't have the badge pretends to be an administrator or a moderator in a message somewhere on the website, they are lying and should be reported. There are some accounts owned by developers or moderators that don't have the badge, but administrators or moderators will not pretend to be administrators or moderators from these accounts.

Several employees are close to the community, gathering great input from users.

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