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This article is about the administrators on For the admins of this wiki, please see this page.

Administrators are members of staff who work to create updates for the site. They usually do not involve themselves with moderation. Many updates created by admins are frowned upon by the community. For instance, in October 2013, a price floor was introduced. This was initially 300 tickets, which would take a normal player 30 days to get. This meant that if you wanted a whole costume with a decent hat, you'd need to wait 3 months. This was later reduced to 100 tickets due to the outstanding reaction by the community.

In February 2014, the admin ostrichSized enlargened all thumbnails on the group page. This only allowed 3 wall posts to be viewed on a monitor. Again, due to the reaction of the community and constructive criticism given, mostly from the Clans and Guilds forum, the update was lessened and the group page was less bloated.

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