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All Things ROBLOX is one of the four ROBLOX section subforums. According to the subforum description, the subforum is "The area for discussions purely about ROBLOX" including "the features, the games and company news". This subforum is typically where ROBLOX staff make announcements.


The sub-forum is also known for occasional controversies and incidents including but not limited to flamewars, raids and discussion of website incidents.


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  • All Things ROBLOX currently has around 1,200,000+ total threads and over 7,900,000 posts overall.
  • It is considered by some as the most heavily moderated sub-forum.[Who?]
  • Numerous moderators including InceptionTime, OrcaSparkles and SlingshotJunkie can be seen most commonly posting within All Things ROBLOX.
  • Despite the fact that it's more likely to be noticed, suggestions usually get deleted.

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