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Alpha Authority (abbreviated as AA) is a military clan founded by Zanziber. This clan is well known for it's large activity and fast growth in the clan world. The group is currently going through reformations after losing all of its members when it was shutdown. (August 30th, 2017)


The Rebellion (2013)

The First Reformation (2014)

The Golden Age (2015)

The Empire (2015)

--- Blackout Reapers ---

--- Champions of Estar ---

--- Deadland Savages ---

--- Highborn Justiciars ---

--- Saphire Command ---

--- The Forged Militia ---

--- The Frostbite Crusade ---

Group Warfare (2015)

Alpha Authority dates back into 2013 when Zanziber has just started the group. Initially, Alpha Authority was not recognized as a powerful clan. However, as time passed, the clan grew in power and reputation. Alpha Authority later went to war with TKA(The Killer Assassin's) and Assault Guard, defeating both of them.

During their lifespan, AA started to spam messages into players inboxes. The recruitment messages were very successful yet controversial at that, leading to not only massive growth to a super clan, but massive growth in activity as well. This later allowed Alpha Authority to rally 162 members at once.

Alpha Authority later grew to its current power, however people stated that the clan was not up to par with other clans. This is most likely due to the leader of the group Zanziber, claiming to be 11 years of age. After a while, The Roblox Assault Team, the largest group in Roblox, noted their strength, and declared war on them. This became a massive war with both groups rallying over 100 people to raid Sunshadow Falls and Celeste 2.

During the war, exploits occurred at AA's fort. AA claimed it was, GTDS, a RAT member exploiting. However, RAT denied these accusations and insists that the exploit is the result of a random raider. Just into the conflict, AA was exploited again. This led to the skybox being replaced with explicit images and Roblox taking down both the fort file Zanziber's account, and deleted nearly all sources to hide any evidence.

Frosteus, an officer of the clan, claimed the group before any other users could claim the clan for themselves. Later, a movement was started entitled "#UnbanZan" to get Zanziber unterminated The movement was successful, which Zanziber's account was restored in November, after rioting and complaints sent to Roblox Corporation.

RAT then explained that it was [N/A] ([N/A]), an infamous member of the Clans and Guilds community who is known for his own clan inspired by Wolfenstein, in addition to his reputation for false reporting, who had sent a report to have [N/A] terminated.However, there is evidence that [N/A] exploited provided by Green Gods leader EmperorRyzoft.

Later on in the war, RAT had declared several automatic victories, some of which due to the exploiting in the place. After seeing these ridiculous accusations, Zanziber threatened to end the war if RAT did not provide proof of their victories. [N/A], Grand Admiral of RAT, did provide screenshots.

After many troubled areas of the war, including admin abuse, AA finally decided to end the war with no official victor. However, RAT had declared themselves victorious in the war.

Clan Events (2015)

 --- Clash of Champions ---

 --- Elf Hunt ---

The End of the Golden Age (2016)

 --- The Absence of the Leader ---

 --- The Trial Overlords ---

The Dark Age (2016)

 --- The Second Overlord ---

 --- Corruption & Failure ---

 --- The Third Overlord ---

 --- The Second Reformation ---

 --- The End of a Superclan ---

The Rebirth of Alpha Authority (2018)


Alpha Authority's rank system is being rewritten.

Promotion System

There is no promotion system in place for the moment. It will likely be based off the Zanziber's Forum Guide, "[AA] Rank Guide 2".


Sunshadow Falls


Sunshadow Falls' thumbnail showcasing their war with Assault Guard.

Sunshadow Falls is the current official fort of AA. This is a mirrored fort, meaning the opposite ends of the base are identical. Players spawn on the opposite ends. The goal is to capture the terminal for 1000 seconds to win the raid, which is located on top of the waterfall.



The Oath, first introduced in the AA Clash of Champions, is a rapid fire all-rounder rifle. It has 40 rounds and blasts red lasers, similar to RCL GPRs and such. It's the standard rifle of the Authority as it appears in most new maps.


A re-meshed version of the classic ROBLOX Sword, to appear as a cutlass. Best for close quarters combat.


This group has been constantly criticized for spamming group invites in the users inbox to gain members. The Clans and Guilds community has called such method of recruitment 'annoying' and 'pointless'.


  • According to his user biography, Zanziber is only 11 years old. This means he was born in 2004 or 2005.
  • Notceps was one of AA's early High Ranks. He left after AA-OO issues but has since rejoined.
  • AA's description once got deleted for showing an offsite link to a Discord server, which is prohibited by ROBLOX Admins
  • There was a rebellion against a 'monarch' named nurse333. powerful122 led this rebellion as many disagreed as having her as their queen.