An Alternate Account (also known as an Alt) is an extra account owned by a user that already owns an account.

Reasons for owning an ALT

There are several reasons why a user may create an alternate account, including:

  • Name sniping (see below)
  • To play Roblox without being followed by other users and possibly be interviewed if being a famous user.
  • As a second account to complete multiplayer challenges with the owner (usually done on 2 separate computers)
  • As a group account, though technically not allowed by Roblox rules, to house a group place or group information.
  • For spam alts which are alts with inappropriate usernames that don't get used much.
  • To make an inappropriate game and then get its alternative banned then donate to the actual main account.
  • To troll other users.
  • To get another account if the user forgot their password.
  • Extra account if main is stolen, hacked or banned.
  • To show a free Robux/BC scam without being banned.
  • To exploit without getting their main account banned. This can backfire if they get IP banned, however.
  • <13 users that want a 13+ account.
  • To test changes to games that use data stores without deleting their own data or that of a legitimate player.
  • To test scripts/assets that are used to affect other players, such as weapons, death traps, ban/kick scripts, etc.

"Sniped" alternate accounts

Name sniping is the action of attempting to create an account with a certain significance. Some people consider name snipes to only include one word, although this is not proven to be a requirement. Most accounts are 'sniped' for either a rare name, such as "Player", or for a certain playerID (e.g. Some players try to snatch username snipes that are one word but very long.

There is, in fact, a group for name sniped accounts, so you can see examples here.

Examples of username snipes

  • Troll
  • Player
  • hello
  • bye
  • 1337
  • justin
  • apple
  • AFK
  • Robloxian
  • 666
  • O_O
  • noob
  • kids
  • pill
  • ton
  • trucks
  • man
  • woman
  • girl
  • boy
  • troller
  • LOL

Examples of playerID snipes

(Note: not all playerID snipes are intentional, some people simply obtain a special ID by pure coincidence).

  • OneRaven (ID=99)
  • killla77 (ID=311)
  • inuysha93 (ID=360)
  • steel s11 (ID=411)
  • ZMAN (ID=420)
  • jdogie (ID=666)
  • gaaralover96 (ID=777)
  • lego_boy (ID=911)
  • breeks (ID=1515)
  • Bjordana495 (ID=9001)
  • SantaClause (ID=9999)
  • peters328 (ID=20000)
  • miked2 (ID=12345)
  • crazychris (ID=54321)
  • Ekaven (ID=1122555)
  • toodoodavid (ID=7777776)
  • 2COOLFORU (ID=1000000)
  • 0x000A (ID=123456789)
  • jellybean517 (ID=10203040)
  • GrungeResurrected (ID=22222222)