An Alternate Account (also known as an Alt) is an extra account owned by a user that already owns an account.

Most name snipe accounts were created between 2006 and 2009. Though that's not al the case

Reasons for owning an alt

There are several reasons why a user may create an alternate account, including:

  • Name sniping (see below)
  • Extra account if main is banned
  • To hold another place if the player cannot afford BC, one famous example are the "Wingmen"
  • To play ROBLOX without being followed by other users and possibly be interviewed if being a famous user.
  • As a second account to complete multiplayer challenges with the owner (usually done on 2 separate computers)
  • As a group account, though technically not allowed by ROBLOX rules, to house a group place or group information.
  • For spam alts which are alts with inappropriate usernames that don't get used much.
  • To make an inappropriate game and then get its alternative banned then donate to the actual main account.
  • To troll other users.
  • To get another account if the user forgot their password.
  • Extra account if main is stolen or hacked.
  • To show a free ROBUX/BC scam without being banned.
  • To exploit without getting their main account banned. This can backfire if they get IP banned, however.
  • <13 users that want a 13+ account.

"Sniped" alternate accounts

Name sniping is the action of attempting to create an account with a certain significance. Some people consider name snipes to only include one word, although this is not proven to be a requirement. Most accounts are 'sniped' for either a rare name, such as "Player", or for a certain playerID (e.g. Some players try to snatch username snipes that are one word but very long.

There is, in fact, a group for name sniped accounts, so you can see examples here.

Examples of username snipes

  • Troll
  • Player
  • hello
  • bye
  • 1337
  • justin
  • apple
  • AFK
  • Robloxian
  • 666
  • O_O
  • hi
  • noob
  • kids
  • pill
  • ton
  • trucks
  • man
  • woman
  • girl
  • boy
  • troller
  • Lex you are hot - Trevor

Examples of playerID snipes

  • OneRaven (ID=99) /
  • killla77 (ID=311)
  • inuysha93 (ID=360)
  • steel s11 (ID=411)
  • ZMAN (ID=420)
  • jdogie (ID=666)
  • gaaralover96 (ID=777)
  • lego_boy (ID=911)
  • breeks (ID=1515)
  • Bjordana495 (ID=9001)
  • SantaClause (ID=9999)
  • peters328 (ID=20000)
  • miked2 (ID=12345)
  • crazychris (ID=54321)
  • 2COOLFORU (ID=1000000)
  • 0x000A (ID=123456789)

Users will target unique usernames and unique userIDs. For this reason, user creation picks up around significant userID benchmarks.


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