The Alversian Peoples' Navy, or APN, is a sizable and historic superpower run by the strict values of respect and honor. APN holds its members to high standards of maturity and discipline and prides itself in community and member experience.   

Leadership (Present & Past)

Current Leadership

  • Dystereus (Grand Admiral)
  • Vexarch (Fleet Admiral)
  • The_Harbringer (Admiral)
  • PureVoid (Admiral)
  • Gamemastereric (Admiral)

Former Owners



The planetary nation of Alversia. An economic powerhouse. Government: Communism.

Raven Guard

APN elites, intelligence, advisory, contains the most skilled and valued members of APN, RG get their own uniform, their own weapon class, and a teamug at APN forts.

Alversian Officer Network

A vital part of the Alversian infrastructure, the Officer Network is meant for APN HRs to share information, discuss training methods, set up events and receive important notifications from the high command.

Alversian Veterans

The Alversian Veterans group is home to anyone that has served APN for at least 1 year. The rank of Veteran is for any APN Veteran. The rank of Ancient is currently only for APN that joined upwards of 5–6 years ago. Members of this division get a special non-combat gear at all APN places.

Sycue Corporation

Sycorp is Alversia's state-owned technology and construction firm. It provides Alversia's civilian goods and military technology while taking part in the construction of a multitude of other things such as military facilities, housing, corporate centers and the planet's infrastructure.



APN has a certain rank structure consisting of Low Rank, Semi-High Rank, High Rank and High Command. The name for Semi-HR, HR and HI-COM as a whole is the Officer core.

Rank Types

LR: Recruit, Cadet, Operative, Guard, Ranger, Marine

Semi-HR: Lieutenant

HR: Captain

HI-COM: Admiral, Fleet Admiral, Grand Admiral

Officer Rank Structure

Lieutenant: Ability to host trainings.

Captain: Ability to host just about any event, ability to promote, ability to advise HICOM.

Admiral: Ability to direct HRs and Semi-HRs, ability to advise the Fleet Admiral and Grand Admiral.

Fleet Admiral: Ability to direct Admirals, HRs and Semi-HRs. Ability to advise the Grand Admiral.

Grand Admiral: Supreme power of the Alversian Peoples' Navy. Ability to make all major group decisions and to approve or disapprove any others. Power to manage and direct HI-COM, HRs, and Semi-HRs.


  • Grand Superclan Coalition
  • The BTMpire
  • John's Cobras
  • Team Domino
  • Border of Defense
  • Urban Assault Forces
  • Black Wolf Empire
  • Nightfall Clan
  • The Robloxian Coalition
  • Roblox Night Wing
  • Austratt Empire
  • The Robloxian Army
  • The Lycan Empire
  • Vortex Special Ops
  • The B.E.E
  • BLUFOR Coalition
  • Lortex Security
  • Concord of Exiles
  • Tad's Cobras
  • Veloxic Empire


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  • Both Varnassi and Reaven were Vaktovians.
  • APN was memorialized by Reaven in 2014 when it had 12,000 members.
  • APN re-opened on February 27, 2015 with a new leader, Equilibrate (SirDoomKnight).
  • APN was shut down by Dysterus. There is still much controversy over this including the emergence of iteration groups.
  • Veteran Leaders of APN just recently came back to Roblox.