Anthro Crop

The proposed Anthro male and female avatars

Anthropomorphic (Anthro for short) is an upcoming avatar type for Roblox, announced in the Roblox Developers Conference 2017. These avatars stand out as being much more humanoid in this update instead of the traditional "blocky" appearance. With more joint points on the avatar than R6 and R15, animations also are more human-like. Existing catalog content, such as hats, shirts, and pants will still be compatible with this avatar. This new avatar type contains many glitches, and will most likely not fit in well with a wide variety of games. It is unknown at the moment when Anthro will be released, although it's likely that it'll be released in 2018. Users have reported that in the Roblox Studio files, there is a folder named "Anthro" with R15 characters sized to the Anthro height. This can also be found on gametest1. If you want to play as an Anthro there is a game by TheGamer101 here.


Many Roblox users have criticized the realism of Anthro. Many claims suggest that adding a more realistic avatar will make Roblox eerily realistic. Users have also expressed concern that Anthro will replace the more traditional R6 and R15 avatar types, though this has not been confirmed. Many also question the irony of adding a human-like package to "Roblox" as the characters were initially designed to be blocky. There are also fears that the new character style will not be compatible with certain hats and gears. Some also believe that Anthro will encourage the Online Daters community. At RDC 2017 and on the Dev Forum, multiple Roblox Developers commented on their dislike for Anthro and made jokes about it.

False Rumors

Some people believe that when Anthro is added, both R15 and R6 will be removed, but it is false. As R15 and R6, Anthro will be a configuration option in the character selection, and for game developers, they can choose to make the game R15, R6 or Anthro. For example, if someone made Jailbreak R15 only, Anthro users will still have to be R15.


  • The definition of anthropomorphic is given as the state of having human qualities or characteristics.
  • Ken the Male and Barb the Female are named after the male[1] and female[2] Barbie dolls respectively.




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