The new anthro/anthropomorphic character, or in other words "R30" is a new avatar type in ROBLOX which resembles a human-like form for your ROBLOX avatar. This new ROBLOX mode was announced in the ROBLOX Developers Conference 2017.

R6 R15 Anthro

Here it shows all three types of character types; R6, R15 and Anthro. You can also see the Anthro run here.

In this new type of avatar, there are more humanoid features such as facial features, human-like arms and legs, hands, and etc, etc.

There are new avatar animations to this mode, which are quite similar to the original R15 animations, but adds a bit more of a human-like look.

Anthro perspectives

Here it shows a full visual representation of the Anthro Male head. You can see all of the facial features in this picture.

Defined gender

Existing content such as shirts, pants, packages, accessories, faces and gear still are compatible in this Anthro mode, so there isn't any need to buy new things just for this mode.

These new characters appear to be a bit taller than the original ROBLOX avatar, although they might shrink them down to match ROBLOX's game physics, or they could've made the hitbox the same as the R15's and R6's, which may cause visual problems.

Defined gender

Here it shows the sizes of the Male Anthro, Female Anthro, and the regular R15 character.

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