Anthro Crop

Here is a picture of the new Anthro Male, and the Anthro Female.


Defined gender

Here is a picture of the upcoming Female and Male Anthro, next to an R15 model.

Anthro is an upcoming avatar type for Roblox. This new avatar type was announced in the Roblox Developers Conference 2017. The avatars are more humanoid in this update instead of the traditional "blocky" appearance. With more joint points on the avatar than R6 and R15, animations also are more human-like. Existing catalog content, such as hats, shirts, and pants will still be compatible with this avatar. This new avatar type contains many glitches, and will most likely not fit in well with a wide variety of games. Anthro should be released in the upcoming years of roblox, likely in 2018.


Many Roblox users have criticized the realism of Anthro. Many claims suggest that adding a more realistic avatar is making ROBLOX go into the Uncanny Valley. Users have also expressed concern that Anthro will replace the more traditional R6 and R15 avatar types, though there has been no confirmation of this. Also, many users have been complaining that it is ironic to add a human-like package to a game called "ROBLOX" because it is supposed to be a "blocky" game. People also fear about items not being compatible in certain ways, e.g. a hat that goes right through your face. Users have also been saying that when Anthro is released, the amount of Online Daters will increase, and existing online daters will use it.


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