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The Anthro male and female avatars

Anthropomorphic (Anthro for short) was an experiemental avatar type for Roblox, and one of the features suggested in the Roblox Developers Conference 2017. It is named Anthropomorphic because the definition of the word is given as the state of having human qualities or characteristics. The official avatars have been named Ken (male avatar) and Barb (female avatar) by Roblox, following a similar naming fashion to the male[1] and female[2] Barbie dolls.

These avatars stand out as being much more humanoid when compared to the traditional "blocky" appearance. With more joint points on the avatar than R6 and R15, animations also are more human-like. Existing catalog content, such as hats, shirts, and pants may have been compatible with this avatar. The avatar type, if it was ever added, would most likely not fit in well with a wide variety of games.

Enhanced Avatar Scaling Options

On May 30, 2018, an announcement was made on the Roblox Developer Forum showcasing two new sliders for the Body Scale section in the Avatar editor, which led many to believe Anthro had released due to the ability to scale avatars to more realistic shapes. CloneTrooper1019 confirmed this as false on his Twitter, where he states that the scaling were what Anthro evolved into.


Many Roblox users have criticized the realism of Anthro. Many claims suggest that adding a more realistic avatar would make Roblox eerily realistic and uncanny valley. Users have also expressed concern that Anthro will replace the more traditional R6 and R15 avatar types, though this has not been confirmed. Also, Anthro is believed by many that it doesn't mix with Roblox.

Many also question the irony of adding a human-like package to a game called "Roblox" as the characters were initially designed to be blocky. There are also fears that the new character style will not be compatible with certain hats and gears. Some also believe that Anthro will encourage the Online Daters community.

At RDC 2017 and on the Dev Forum, multiple Roblox Developers commented on their dislike for Anthro and made jokes about it. Additionally, several Roblox YouTubers have heavily criticized it, saying that it will be used by online daters on Roblox.


There are multiple rumors surrounding anthro as not much information was given by Roblox about it. The community has been widely speculating about it since it's announcement, spawning many rumors. A widely speculated rumor is that Anthro will release some time during the summer of 2018. Leaks have shown that anthro is still in development and appears to be almost complete, leading people into speculating that it will release during the summer. Some people believe that when Anthro is added, both R15 and R6 will be removed. This is highly unlikely as R6 has been around since the inception of Roblox, but is possible as most games are now switching over to R15 while R6 becomes less and less common. Roblox may want to phase out R6 and turn towards a more realistic avatar like R15 and Anthro being the two avatar types. Other rumors are or relate to Anthro being very different or named differently when or if it is released. This is possible, as Roblox would likely rename it to something else like R30 due to the negativity surrounding the word "anthro". Roblox would do this to create a not as negative reception of it when it was released.


Many users have found the main files for Anthro inside Roblox's files. Lots of videos have surfaced on the web on websites like YouTube about this. These include faces, or what Roblox calls "face projections", legs, textures for bodies, actual bodies, and other unconfirmed possible avatars.


  • Anthro Characters are also able to be used in Roblox Studio.
  • Anthro seems to be smaller then the R6 and R15.
  • Anthro's creation date in the files is 2013.




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