Aquaman is an event that started on November 20, 2018, and will end on January 2, 2019. It is sponsored by the upcoming DC superhero movie titled Aquaman. More about the event and the new games will be revealed as time goes on.



Name Image Creator/Group
Aquaman: Home is Calling
Team Rolantis


Name Image Creator/Group
Bandit Simulator
Novaly Studios
Booga Booga
Feed Your Pets!
small games


Name Game Image Objective
Water Dragon Head Bandit Simulator
Kill 50 opponents.
Aquaman Backpack Bandit Simulator
Rob 20 pearls from the treasury. Once all 20 are collected, buy the Aquaman Crate and receive the Harpoon Gun.
Sea Dragon Aquaman: Home is Calling
Sea Dragon
Complete the Trial of Power (Get to Level 10 and have the Bandit Simulator Aquaman badge).
Aquaman Headphones Booga Booga
Aquaman Headphones
Kill sharks to collect shark teeth. Once collected 20, use them to craft the trident.
Water Dragon Tail Booga Booga
Water Dragon Tail
Enter three underwater caves hidden next to shipwrecks.
Aquaman's Gladiator Armor Aquaman: Home is Calling
Aquaman's Gladiator Armor
Complete the Trial of Endurance (Get to Level 20 and have the Bandit Simulator and Booga Booga Aquaman badges.)
Water Dragon Claws Feed Your Pets
Water Dragon Claws
Collect 15 Sapphires and give them to Queen Jellyfish, then walk through the blue portal.
Mera's Tiara Feed Your Pets
Mera's Tiara
Collect 20 Pearls and give them to Queen Jellyfish in the aquatic world.
Aquaman's Trident Aquaman: Home is Calling
Aquaman's Trident
Complete the Trial of Control (Get to Level 30 and have the Bandit Simulator, Booga Booga and Feed Your Pets Aquaman badges.)

Note: The Trial of Control has not been unlocked yet.

Grand Prize

Name Game Image Objective
Aquaman's Hero Suit Aquaman: Home is Calling
Aquaman's Hero Suit
Complete all three trials and be on the winning team in the Arena.

Note: The Trial of Control and the Arena have not been unlocked yet.


Roblox Aquaman Event Feat

Roblox Aquaman Event Feat. Jason Momoa and Amber Heard


Aquaman: City of Rolantis

Initially, many players have found the combat system in Rolantis to be quite buggy and laggy, in particular pointing out how the basic attack animations seem to be disrupted after staying for a few minutes in the server. Fortunately, all of these issues have been fully addressed by the event developers.

This game has also been criticized by some players [citation needed] for its mobile interfaces for some minor graphical glitches and small interactive elements. For example, when a mobile user opens up the menu, the left and right sides of the GUI may appear cut off. The developers have indicated in their community Discord server that they are aware of the issues and are looking into addressing them.

Initially, due to the large and detailed map, many mobile players on low-end mobile devices were not able to join the game or play it for an extended period of time, but this has also since been addressed by the event developers by cutting off a more-or-less empty portion of the map, and also, in general, optimizing the map and scripts. The game now runs fine on low-end devices.

Notably, the developers have been active in collecting and addressing bugs and other feedback through their community Discord server.

Trial of Power

Players complained [citation needed] that it requires in-game level 10 in order to unlock the trial, which is time-consuming. Developers addressed this issue by giving a 3x experience boost to players below level 10. Since then, the rating of the game has drastically increased. The trial was also reported by players to be too difficult and time-consuming initially. This was due to the fact that two rooms contained too many enemies, and the ending room contained 3 giant robots that were difficult to defeat in singleplayer. Developers have quickly taken note of these issues and addressed them by reducing the levels of the robots in the ending room, nerfing the charge attack of the giant robots, and removing some enemies in another difficult room. An effective way of killing the giant robots is by attacking their legs or going under them so their lasers miss (as the lasers are head-level).

Trial of Endurance

The actual trial is pretty easy, which players enjoyed after the initially difficult Trial of Power. This trial is available to level 20 players, which means that players need to level up from level 10 to 20, which was reported to be time-consuming. This has since been addressed by the developers, as you now gain experience quicker when you are below the level requirement of the active trial. Some players were disappointed [citation needed] by the fact that the trial took some days to unlock, since the community goal in Booga Booga had to be reached first before the trial would unlock.

Trial of Control


Bandit Simulator

Bandit Simulator was criticized for its tedious and time-consuming quests, particularly the pearl stealing objective. There would only be one cyan-and-yellow chest in the treasury at a time, only rewarding the player with one pearl. Following a raid, the building would close for 5 minutes. Sheriffs would also camp inside the building to either disarm the bomb and close the building or kill bandits trying to enter. Many players sped up the process by server-hopping or by rejoining the same server each time they robbed the pearls while the treasury was open (if they had Roblox+ to view specific server pages). Overall, it would take at least 10 minutes to get 1 pearl, totalling the amount of time required to complete the event to 3 hours and 20 minutes considering you stay in the same server.

This game has also been heavily criticized for the lack of mobile support, as mobile users cannot arm the bomb nor can they zoom in with snipers, causing them to have to rely on PC users to arm the bomb for them.

Booga Booga

The primary complaint with Booga Booga was the lack of food sources in the new event-specific map, causing many to die of starvation multiple times while trying to complete the event. There were reported to be no land animals available that would drop meat when killed, and the only food available were coconuts which were quite rare to find since many players had already looted the palm trees for their coconuts. Later on, the map was updated with orange trees, 2 types of animals that drop meat, one being a larvae-like animal that drops 2 raw morsels, the other being a cow-turtle type animal with a stone shell that drops 1 raw meat and 2 raw morsels.

The use of the Lost Sea map itself for the event was a point of critique as it was not as refined as the original map, as well as quite unoptimized for mobile devices. Data loss was reported by some after leaving and rejoining the game, which included their progress with finding caves and crafting the tridents.

Feed Your Pets

Feed Your Pets was seen as having the most straightforward tasks to complete out of the three external games. There were minimal complaints about difficulty, although some may have found it too easy as a result.


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  • This is the first event to have a Rthro package as a prize.
  • It is the second DC Comics event after Teen Titans Go! and the first of the extended universe of DC Comics.
  • It is also the most non-mobile-friendly event, with every other event actually accommodating for mobile users, yet this one does not. [citation needed]
    • This was also the case with Spider-Man Homecoming from 2017. However, it was possible for mobile users, just extremely difficult.
  • The objective for the Aquaman Backpack in Bandit Simulator used to be to collect 20 pearls instead of 30. There also used to be a second pearl chest in the treasury and another one in the church. It is unknown why this change was made, although most speculate that it was to increase the difficulty.
    • Around November 23, it was changed back to 20 pearls and the 2nd pearl chest was removed. It is unknown why this occurred.
  • Before the Trial 2 prizes were revealed, most people believed that Aquaman's Trident was in Booga Booga, as the objectives were revealed a day before it began.
  • On December 1st, Feed Your Pets had released 2 test badges, which led most to speculate that this would be the Trial 3 game.
    • Oddly enough, people were somehow already unlocking these badges without the objective being revealed.
  • Despite the Feed Your Pets game having objectively easier tasks to complete than Bandit Simulator and Booga Booga, the third trial is taking significantly longer to be unlocked in comparison to the first and second trials.
    • The total badge requirement was decreased from 375,000 to 300,000 on December 14, 2018, as a result of this slow progress.

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