Assets are components that can be used for various things on ROBLOX. All assets have a creator and one or many owners. Some assets will never have any owner other than their own creator. This includes places. There are many types of assets.

List of asset types

The following is a list of all asset types. All asset types have an identifier, which is used in some URL parameters on the website.

Asset type identifier Asset type
1 Image
2 T-Shirt
3 Audio
4 Mesh
5 Lua
7 Text
8 Hat
9 Place
10 Model
11 Shirt
12 Pants
13 Decal
16 Avatar
17 Head
18 Face
19 Gear
21 Badge
22 Group Emblem
24 Animation
25 Arms
26 Legs
27 Torso
28 Right Arm
29 Left Arm
30 Left Leg
31 Right Leg
32 Package
33 YouTubeVideo
34 Game Pass
35 App
37 Code

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