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Atlantis was a sponsored event on Roblox that started April 17, 2018 and ended May 1. There were six prizes to obtain which could be found in three different games.

The event is sponsored by McDonald's Happy Meal, with the phrase "Balance Your Fun!"


Ancient artifacts from the lost kingdom of Atlantis have eluded adventurers and treasure seekers alike for thousands of years. Fortunately, rumor has it that clues to their whereabouts have mysteriously surfaced on the shores of Roblox! Dive deep into the Roblox Atlantis Event, sponsored by McDonald's® Happy Meal, and complete the missions below for a chance to earn exclusive virtual prizes on Roblox from now until May 1!


Name Image Creator/Group
Tradelands Thumbnail
Disaster Island
Disaster Island Thumbnail
Disaster Island Development Team
SharkBite Thumbnail


Name Game Image Objective
Davey Jones-Smith Sharkbite
Davey Jones-Smith
Kill 3 players within 20 seconds while playing as the shark.
Aquarium Hat Sharkbite
Aquarium Hat
Be the first person to obtain the treasure chest during the Chest Chase round.

Atlantean Tiara

Disaster Island
Atlantean Tiara2
Retrieve the key that spawns randomly around the Forgotten Temple map, then complete the obstacle course located in the lobby.
Atlantean Pauldrons Disaster Island
Atlantean Pauldrons
Survive the Kraken during the Deep Sea Dive map.
Aquatic Headphones Tradelands
Aquatic Headphones
Find and receive the 3 sword pieces from 3 different crew members locked in dungeons across the map's forts. Then craft The Shortest Sword on a crafting bench and talk to the Old Captain.

Diver's Helmet

Diver's Helmet
Sail to the broken ship with the survivor on it, then obtain a torch and sword from him. Then, enter the portal and follow the path to the inside of the temple. Once there, invite 3-4 people. Once invited, complete the puzzles and defeat the guardians during the Lost Islands map. Once all defeated, all 3-4 players will be awarded with this hat.


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  • Sharkbite was heavily criticized due to the fact that sharks would commonly camp around the chest during the Chest Chase round, and it was challenging for some players.
  • Disaster Island was criticized for being too difficult for players.
  • Tradelands was criticized for being time consuming because players would have to go back and forth to different places to get a sword part. Not only that but the ship was too slow to navigate and it felt like ages before getting to the next destination.