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The Azurewrath series are gears, hats, and other items on the catalog that are created by ROBLOX. The series started on October 19, 2009 when the Lord of the Void was released, it lead Roblox to make more variations after that. They are mostly blue or purple in color due to the prefix "Azure" meaning Blue.


The lore for the character of Azurewrath is generally that of where Azurewrath uses powers of ice and darkness to conquer the world. Azurewrath branded items include Azurewrath's staff, which is a reference to both the characters of Arthas Menethil and Jaina Proudmoore in the Warcraft franchise. (Ice and Darkness referencing Arthas, staff and magic referencing Jaina), as well as many other hats and gear.

Azurewrath branded items are notorious for being expensive on the catalog.

Azurewrath hats

Azurewrath Gears & Face(s)