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BLOXgiving 2014 is an event that is traditional.

Unlike 2013's event, players had to play three games to get the prizes: The Mad Murderer by Loleris, Roblox High School by Cindering, and Super Bomb Survival by Polyhex.


Image Name Game How To Get
Autumnal Tall Top Hat Super Bomb Survival To get this hat simply win a round of Super Bomb Survival.
Turkey Parade Float Super Bomb Survival This hat spawns randomly in-game. Touch it to get it!

Note: Only one can exist at a time.

Gravy Scarf ROBLOX High-school This hat spawns randomly in the map, touch it to get it!
Golden Feather Fedora ROBLOX High-school To get this hat you have to find a Golden Turkey.

Note: The golden turkey only spawns during the sunset.

Mad Turkey Carver Necklace The Mad Murderer To get this hat you have to win as the murderer.
Pumpkin Piephones The Mad Murderer This hat spawns randomly ingame. Touch it to get it.
Bloxikin #35 Pilgrim No Game To get this hat you have to collect all 6 prizes by the end of the event.

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