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The catalog as shown during the Black Friday sale of 2016.

The Black Friday sale is a yearly event where several items from the catalog go on sale at a discounted price, go off sale, or become a limited item. New items can also be made. Notable items that frequently go on sale on Black Friday include the Silverthorn Antlers and the Big and BiggerHeads. Game developers frequently discount game passes during the event. Recently, the Black Friday sale is no longer a 1-day event but is instead spread throughout the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

Once the event is over, the catalog items will revert back to their usual prices. When the 2016 Black Friday sale concluded, some of the catalog items' prices stayed the same and remained unchanged for a week after the sale. It is unknown why this happened. When the 2017 Black Friday sale concluded, some animation packs that went on sale went offsale and stayed offsale for about a week after the sale. It is unknown why this happened.

The first wave of items in Black Friday sale of 2017

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