• Inku-san

    Who was ChanceToRise?

    March 16, 2018 by Inku-san

    Help please, i just checked my favorites and saw that they are autor of my favorites, anyone know what happened to him?

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  • SophieTheSapphire1

    I feel bad for myself. What can I do?

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  • RobloxFan1103

    Hello! I am now gonna quit this wikia because of lots of other non-wikia things. I might still be active on forums, just not editing articles.

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  • The Medical Ninja

    Please let me know ONE item that you own OR wish to own on ROBLOX. They could be items from the catalog, from events, etc...

    One item I personally like is the Blade of Marmora Hood from the Voltron Robot Building Contest Event.

    One item that I wish to own is the Hallowhood from the 2010 event: Vampires vs. Werewolves CTF.

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  • Da Clorax

    What's this message mean? And how do I fix it? It's a public game, I did nothing wrong on it, and it's free. So why does this show up? I tried looking for more information on it and I got nothing.

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  • Pluhgins

    Check out my youtube!

    March 7, 2018 by Pluhgins

    Need support from Fellow Robloxians~!

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  • Hugefreddy3335


    March 6, 2018 by Hugefreddy3335

    Content creator of kid-friendly gaming videos featuring the games Roblox and Minecraft. He has earned more than 4.5 million subscribers to his Denis - Roblox & More! channel. 

    He used to create comic books when he was very young.

    A YouTube video he posted in August of 2015 that earned hundreds of thousands of views helped him realize that he wanted to pursue YouTube full-time.

    He was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and moved to Nashville, Tennessee when he was about 3 years old. The family moved back to Canada shortly after his father got a math professor job in Winnipeg. He has an older brother and a younger sister. His parents later divorced. 

    He formed the YouTube channel The Pals with CraftedRL, SubZeroExtabyte and Corl. 

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  • ZQuanttty

    It shouldn't be censored because this word could mean something you sit on. Sure, it could be for oders, but they barely use this word. I was just minding my own business playing with my friend and wanted to say this: Nice job kicking butt on the scene dude! :). But it turns up as this - Nice job kicking #### on the scene dude! :). 

    I'm not really too happy this is happening. I use this word in real life all the time when I need to sit my butt down or something. Then when I want to say it in Roblox, it just appears as "I need to sit my #### down."

    Like seriously, this is just bias man.

    The word naked is blocked too. I wanted to say every animal name in RHS (Roblox Highschool) and couldn't because the word naked was blocked in Naked Mole Rat (…

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  • ItsYoGirlMelina2


    March 4, 2018 by ItsYoGirlMelina2

    Warning !

    The Co- Owner Erick Cassel of roblox  died March the 2nd .  This May Cause a big warning as Roblox can shut down . If you do not beliieve he died , Search on roblox EricCasselMemorial and you will find a game and an account .  Please tell everyone you know as a warning . Thank You have a good day...

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  • Kuomintang The Jump119

    Hi i am making a speed run game I want to add level music so Please give me the tutorial for me to do it

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  • Lxbrary

    Roblox Should Add A Refund Button Because If The Thing Gets Deleted Or Something You Should Want your Robux back Or Just If U No Longer Enjoy The Its Or Its Crap Now. I Don't Enjoy Most Of The Stuff I Bought No I Regret It And Want a Refund You Should Get The Robux You Paid For It Back Especally If You Don't Have Bc.

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  • Eatfood24RBX

    Hello World!

    March 2, 2018 by Eatfood24RBX

    Just a test blog entry, nothing interesting yet. Also, my username if you want to friend/follow me is Eatfood24.

    orrr, you could follow this link! ---->

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  • CarbonApt

    I got the badge.

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  • OfficalBalloony459
    1. 1:Make Roblox More sense
    # 2:Tix should come back # 3:Ban Free Robux Games # 4:Ban Hackers and Scammers


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  • Superico2000

    Lately there have been lots of spam bots for "free robux" in the comments of gamepasses. Why isn't roblox dealing with this issue?

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  • Miriam2014


    March 1, 2018 by Miriam2014

    i dont no ...

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  • BlastWingsDJ

    ROBLOX Rules

    March 1, 2018 by BlastWingsDJ

    Roblox Rules:

    1.Dont hack or Scam

    2.Dont Online Dating

    3.Be Fair to others

    4.Dont Play Minecraft because Roblox is the best (JOKE)

    5.Dont TROLL

    6.Dont do bad things or disgusting things (EWWWW)

    7.Dont Trust Free Robux Games and Free Robux Scammer players

    8.Dont Be Rude and Dont Keep Saying NOOB to other players (because thats so RUDEY)

    9.Be Honest to Players

    10.and finally Dont Use Admin Commands!

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  • UniqueDealer

    Hey is anybody here from lmaders

    I have some items to trade please reply

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  • Reddefeater

    People get banned because of violation of ROBLOX's Terms of Service.

    For excample: Someone repeatedly gets bullied and the bully gets reported and may get a warning or 1 day ban.

    Or someone could get 3 day ban, 1 week ban, or deleted account.

    If you get Poison Ban that means you can't make any other account because ROBLOX scans you Internet and knows when you are creating an account, so that means you are permenantly not welcome to ROBLOX anymore.

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  • ItsGreatOutHere

    Free Robux Scams

    February 27, 2018 by ItsGreatOutHere

    This scam has been popular on roblox for ages.

    Im going to tell you different types of scams in roblox.

    1. Websites These type of scams are common on roblox since when you can comment on games or even the group wall.

    Sometimes bots type these comments on everything.

    e.g "Hey check out this website! Gives you free robux! [website link]"

    A video made by Nicholas Gromowski features a 3d animation made from Plotagon saying that you don't have to use free robux websites because they hack your account.

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  • Internallucasman
    1. 2 Episode!

    Soybeen vs. asimo3089

    [:(    :No Good question       :)   :Good Question       NEW:(Points Receive)

    NOTE:In GOOD questions when a person does not win the good question wins a NO GOOD point.

    1.  Most Playing:   [:)] Booga Booga  (5 Good Points)

    2.  Funny:  [:)] Jailbreak and Booga Booga   (4 Good Points)

    3.  Most Adventure: [:)] Booga Booga           (2 Good Points)

    4.  Best Skin: [:)] (   ) asimo3089   ( X ) Soybeen  (   ) badcc     (3 Good Points)

    5.  Most Weird: [:(] No One!         (5 No Good Points)

    6. Most "Intellectual": [:)] Jailbreak          (3 Good Points)

    7.  Recent: [:(] Booga Booga        (1 No Good Point )

    8. More Followers User: [:)] asimo3089, badcc        (1 Good Point)

    9. More Futurist:[:)] Jailbreak         (2 Points)

    10 F…

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  • ThisIsMorgan

    Roblox: The Series

    February 24, 2018 by ThisIsMorgan


    I Will Be Doing A Roblox Series

    Filming Takes Place Here:

    Need 3 Others

    Type Roblox Username In Comments And Your Role

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  • SulphenAI

    I love this wiki.

    February 24, 2018 by SulphenAI
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  • Internallucasman

    Prison Life OR Jailbreak?

    Aesthetical OR asimo3089 and badcc?

    ( No Good                  :) Good

    Most Popular: JAILBREAK ( :) )

    Harder To Escape: PRISON LIFE ( :( )

    More Followers: asimo3089 and badcc ( :) )

    Less Popular: PRISON LIFE ( :( )

    Best Skin:  (X)Aesthetical ( :) )

    ( )asimo3089 ( :( )

    ( )badcc  ( :( )

    Weird Prison: PRISON LIFE ( :( )

    Fewer Updates: PRISON LIFE ( :( )


    Robbery Funny: JAILBREAK ( :) )

    THE WINNER IS.....

    The winner is asimo3089 and badcc! 4 Goods


    Aesthetical: 2 Goods,4 No Goods

    asimo3089 and badcc: 4 Goods and 2 No Goods

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  • Legoyoshi3

    Badges for a other game

    February 23, 2018 by Legoyoshi3

    I need HELP!

    Is it possible to make badges for a other game that you didn't make?

    Please tell me!

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  • Internallucasman

    TIX ;-;

    February 21, 2018 by Internallucasman

    Today, like yesterday, Before yesterday, and in 2016, I cried a lot about the TIX, TIX was a free ROBLOX coin that served as a type of robux at the time. Until the stupid thing happened. ROBLOX did the prowess of taking the TIX So there are several games related to TIX as: R.I.P Tix Tix the value of life ETC... I almost left the ROBLOX, Thousands of others deleted account While we, Since 2016 we have been living in bankruptcy I was raised in 2016 My nickname if you want to add me: InternalLucasman This was my post of the stupid epic of ROBLOX ;-;

                                                                             Thx for Read my Post!


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  • Calformen

    I joined.

    February 19, 2018 by Calformen

    Hi, I just joined wiki today. I had an alt account I made 3 years ago, but now I rejoined and edit just for fun. I like to see facts about a game or movie in a wiki contributed by the fanbase community, but I prefer to add them myself when I feel like its needed. Thanks for seeing my blog post!

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  • StarobeX

    YouTube channel with Roblox

    February 18, 2018 by StarobeX

    Hi Everyone! I am EmojiPoliceCatcher I play in Roblox about 2 years At now I am going to recording my games then upload it on YouTube channel- StarobeX You can join to me then see yourself in my videos. See my channel, if you want comment like and subscribe! Thank you!

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  • HeXer545

    I don't understand why this is occurring, I've uploaded it multiple times but it doesn't show on either my profile or when I search or it! It just doesn't make any sense!

    NOT ON MY PROFILE PAGE: I click 'profile' then scroll down to 'creations' and its not there. I have refreshed the page multiple times and left it for 9 hours, just for it to not be there!

    NOT ON THE SEARCH RESULTS: I go the search bar in the top centre of the page and searched my game up, only for it not to be there either! I have refreshed the page multiple times and left it for 9 hours as well but its not there either.

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  • Frozenreflex

    Game Titles

    February 11, 2018 by Frozenreflex

    The title of the game, along with the thumbnail, is the first thing people see about your game. It's a first impression of sorts, and can make or break a game. This has become a serious problem recently with a flood of bad games on the front page, most likely fed by bots or unknowing players.

    To me personally, if I see the word 'simulator' in the title of the game, I've immediately been detered from playing. A game's title can most of the time also speak of the quality of the game. Simulator games most likely have the '+5,000,000 CASH' buttons on the side of the screen that you can't hide, along with unintuitive gameplay. I've seen examples of games that would attract me more with just a more intuitive name and thumbnail. Would you rather p…

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  • SlavFromRussia

    ROBLOX catalog is now broken. And this is why ROBLOX catalog is now broken

    -Because clothes you makes are all copied

    -Full of expensive items, some of the most expensive items are worth more than a Gaming PC

    -Fulls of Adidas and Nike shirts for male along with pants and also with Supreme

    And that's why

    (Yea actually i'm suck at Literature)

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  • IzzyBoDizzy

    Well for the first thing scratch banned me for role playing, and they thought I was doing self ingeries ( sry I don’t know how to spell) so then I got my IP banned for using an older account that I use to use because I had to do homework on scratch. I toled my teacher and now she is really mad at scratch!

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  • OperaSpreadSHot

    look at my new pfp

    February 10, 2018 by OperaSpreadSHot

    yah. totally irrevalant. i am totally a tsundere

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    Hahahahahaha the ban the person above you was so much fun . Let's give it a twist , I will allow you to be unbanned but only 5 times . Also you can refuse to be banned but if more than 2 people want you banned , you just be banned. Ok then 3,2, 1 GO

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  • Its Naseeb

    Animal Jam Part of it' Moviestarplanet Left Roblox Part of Eddsworld Eh Aphmau Sure

    These are the communitys that I want YOU to know I am in. Many communitys are not in here because I keep them to myself. You may find me one day.

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  • RobotExterminator999

    Hello! Today I created a new wikia called the MeepCity wikia. The wiki can be found here . I would like some help with editing so that is why I created this blog post. I wont be accepting admin/mod requests until about June or if there are too many people.

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  • Sandcake85

    Well-Made ROBLOX Games

    February 8, 2018 by Sandcake85

    One of the biggest problems that me and other ROBLOX players have is finding well-made, fun games. Although there are some of these in the front page, they can get dull after a while. I have compiled a list of good ROBLOX games that aren't on the front page (as of the time this post was written).These games aren't in any particular order. REMEBER: This is just my opinion. These don't have to your favorite games too. Post last updated February 12, 2018 at 3:52 PM. Added 2 new games.

    1.Tower Battles

    Tower battles is (as the name suggests) a tower defense game where you buy and upgrade various military units to defend against waves of zombies. When you win a game of Tower Battles you are rewarded credits which you can use to unlock more towers. I…

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  • Name9

    So, You all Remember That post from a Roblox mod a long time ago, Right?

    For short, The post itself explaind That The Ugandan Kunckles Meme is Banned. 

    Why you may ask? So: The Mod himself explaind That The meme is raicest against The real Ugandans and How they speak. I'm finding it kind of stupid, but that's not all. Every user who made A decal/t-shirt was banned. so, for short, The meme was raicest. 

    But the Only Thing is, is it was worthing it? nobody knows.

    Add you're own reasons at the comments.

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  • UncleverSly

    Roblox Putting Games Under Review For Dumb Reasons.

    I Want to talk about the fact that roblox puts games under review for the dumbest and unreasonable reasons, like a certain game had 2 little circles on the chest because it was a muscle shirt and that got an entire large game taken down. I'll add other things later.

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  • Cgacha419
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  • Acebatonfan

    Hi, guys! My final semester of classes is starting today, and I'm returning to clinicals next week. This is going to be a quick timeline for you guys about my activity for the next four or five months. Like with my fall semester classes, for the next two months I'm not going to be on the wiki as much on some Tuesdays, and every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. If an urgent matter occurs Tuesday-Friday, such as a vandal attack, it's best to contact another administrator. An alternate is to ping one of us administrators on our discord server. I'm on AM shift for the next eight weeks (...yay, waking up at 4AM to get to the hospital by 6:30AM), so I might be able to respond to Discord pings during the afternoon if something really urgent pops u…

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  • Endermanlover101

    Tix should be added back, this is just my thought, bye

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  • DoorOpen


    February 4, 2018 by DoorOpen

    Player Friends with Blueistic Inferno Helped his Games.

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  • DoorOpen

    About My Laser Game

    February 4, 2018 by DoorOpen

    The Game was About Fighting Shooting was Created By Blueistic_Inferno was Created in 2018 The game have red Laser Gun and Blue Laser Gun it was Helped By SpaceplateRobloxian it was the First Game in the Owner's Creations!

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  • Filip Craft

    Taking uncopylocked

    February 4, 2018 by Filip Craft

    Hi, recently (4 months) ago I took uncopylocked tycoon game that was well made. I don't know how to feel because game is well made and I will use it to profit. Did you ever take uncopylocked game? Was it old classic or new and improved?

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  • KingAnimeBB

    Join my game

    February 4, 2018 by KingAnimeBB

    Can you guys check out my game and leave a like? My account name is KingAnime_BB just go to my creations and join it. THANKS!!!

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  • Horror fan666

    Horror fan666

    February 4, 2018 by Horror fan666
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  • Da Clorax

    2 ODers.

    February 3, 2018 by Da Clorax
    • plus a couple more.

    uniconrn100, tuabuelitatvYT, and the below. They hang around ODing in Adopt and Raise a Baby.

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  • Endermanlover101

    Hello :)

    February 3, 2018 by Endermanlover101

    Just wanted to know how your day was and hi

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