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  • Furlow7

    i just started a wiki and i need some help to start one

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  • Makapaka.1234.dominate.roblox

    History and development. Roblox was created by founder and co-founder David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. Roblox – a portmanteau of the words "robots" and "blocks", launched in beta version in that year. The website was officially launched in 2006.

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  • Makapaka.1234.dominate.roblox

    Wagner Calhoun (ROBLOX name Makkapakka3, also known as The Mak and Papa 'Pakka) is a famous person who joined September 27th, 2008. He is commonly associated with the rise of exploitation in 2011. He once sold a gold model of himself for R$ (he got a 2 week ban for that) as well as making square badges for free. He collaborated with Sporo and Aerodragon to do this. He often runs funny adverts about himself. He is famous for spamming the ad system several times, most notably in 2014, when he bid 2 million TIX and 98% of the adverts shown were HIS alone. He used to run an exploiting school until the group was closed and he was banned from ROBLOX.

    Makkapakka3 contributes to the community through forum trolling. He own the group The Mak Kingdo…

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  • Makapaka.1234.dominate.roblox

    a place with borders and its own leaders; a singla place with borders and its own leaders; a singla place with borders We are a nation standing united.

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  • Makapaka.1234.dominate.roblox

     the act or an instance of changing position; v. to direct or notify by a movement or gestureThe little boy was in constant motion. OR He will motion when you can go. Speak or Say Sentencen              patience  Ryan has a lot of patience while taking care of his baby sister. Speak or Sthe capacity quality or fact of being patient ay Sentence            . a part or very small part of a whole; 2. a number written as one number divided by another separated by a hyphen.The top number in a fraction is called a numerator.                 

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  • Onehugenub

    Have you ever been scammed? I have. It was on my old account (this account i am still on) and went on to a place. It said i had to put in my username and password to play. I did all of that, and to my relief, and luck, the game was deleted and the owner was banned. I am pretty sure it was a ripoff of monkrymorkry's obby.

    Stop stealing our 1 and go away, we never want to see you again, if we do, we will burn you and have you listen to Rebbeca Black's Friday.

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  • Themedievalwarrior

    Giving away 1000 robux to whoever tell me the best joke ends on 21/4/16

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  • Makapaka.1234.dominate.roblox

    Was your ROBLOX account snatched from you by a scam link or did you happen to give it to a total stranger who promised you something in return? If so, this article will show you how you can get back a hacked ROBLOX account back as quickly as possible.users think they are "hacked" if they have forgotten or lost their password. It's always best that you put an email on your ROBLOX account whenever you sign up. That will prevent you from being locked out of your account.f your account has been stolen, do not panic. You still have a few seconds to react before the hijacker does any damage to your account. First, click the 'forgotten password' link on the ROBLOX website.Use your email. After you've entered your email associated with your ROBLOX…

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  • Falzoon240797


    April 21, 2017 by Falzoon240797

    you will get banned if you dont follow the roblox terms of service. which leads you to getting terminated or banned. well the admins dont ban you with the ban button on your profile screen. you get banned automatically and it sends chats to. because

    you get reminded and ban to remind you in roblox to not do it again. lasts for 0 days

    you warn it is the same as reminder but different. it is a warning from when it was filtered or made a decal. this would pop up and yeah. lasts for 0 days

    you get banned for 1 day for a reason. you make to much accounts or dont say innapropriate things on roblox just to be mean. this will show you the ban lasts for 1 day

    well when you get banned for 3 days. you have done hate speech or create account just to haras…

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  • Bio362

    john doe

    April 20, 2017 by Bio362
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  • Mab815


    April 20, 2017 by Mab815
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  • Astralisimo

    Games I Play

    April 20, 2017 by Astralisimo

    I can be found on Roblox here:

    I play multiple games, including:

    • Roblox
    • Star Wars Commander (In it's 40th anniversary)
    • Minecraft
    • DomiNations
    • .io games

    Roblox Usernames: Astralisimo2, IamnotayoutuberYT, Astralisimo3

    All the Roblox accounts were made so I could have alts to convert to if my main account is hacked/stolen.

    Other Games:

    SWC: Gen.Astralisimo, Lt. Astralisimo

    Boom Beach: Gen.Astralisimo, Lt. Astralisimo

    Clash Of Clans: rowanclaw, Astralisimo

    Clash Royale: Astralisimo

    Minecraft: Astralisimo

    Blocksworld: Astralisimo

    Basically every game I play: Astralisimo

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  • DroidGaming

    So yeah I was gonna play a game in Roblox and all of a sudden it updates even if it doesn't need it to cause it's already updated waited a few minutes (or maybe an hour) for it to finish, it finished then yeah i get into the game i rejoin and then it updates again like what the heck and it kept repeating and repeating the same thing. What do I do?

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  • Partiharn Thongprazert

    When i was about to make a game i search for things i want

    and i saw this


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  • Sonicthehedgehog223

    Do not read

    April 15, 2017 by Sonicthehedgehog223

    Don't go to the channel, Don't read my profile.

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  • 11zorayz11

    Someone is false reporting me on roblox and on youtube and is saying that i am a nub and i am dating a little to much on roblox i have video proof he is on youtube go here:

    And check the video REPORT plz help me guys.

    P.s:this is for my little brother he is in grade 4 help him plz.

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  • Furlow7

    it's another copy of the same damn thing that happened in March 18 2017,and nothing happend.

    so plz stop this stupid idiotic post of rumors that their gonna hack you. want information about this topic here's a link:

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  • ChamazardChary18


    April 13, 2017 by ChamazardChary18

    im new here

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  • Furlow7

    in 2016 we had a Captain America Civil War Event and a Dr Strange Event

    and now that we have a Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Event

    and It Had Me Thinking...

    That Roblox Events Are Following Marvel's MCU New Movies and if so will they Have a Spider-Man Homecoming Event and a Thor Ragnorok Event?

    and then maybe a Possible Avengers Infinity Wars Event?

    tell me about your Answers in The Comments Below.

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  • Partiharn Thongprazert

    JSON_000 is a new hacker the investigation that i found here is it

       JSON_000 knows everything even myths

      We can see where he join and badges                            

         Hey there guys : Im back for few reasons i didnt runaway for 65 days i was on a cruise since january 2017                                                                                                                  


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  • Partiharn Thongprazert

    John doe is a test account so after march 18 greg tries to hack

    A youtuber name Kazok actually KazokYT

    tells everyone that gregs gonna hack but he banned


    kazok is a liar

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  • Furlow7

    i'm getting bullied online so can you help me stop it here's a picture

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  • Thetheorycreator

    Hello everyone, today I am going to be sharing a creepypasta about the user jdogie on roblox.

    So, the date was June 6th, of 2016. 6/6/16. It was a bit of a suspicious date, as it was '666'. There were a few rumors going around about possible trolls and hacks. I, personally, wasn't scared as I didn't believe in any of this nonsense. That's when it started.

    The Roblox banner being a light blue colour changed to a dark red colour. I thought it may be a glitch with my computer, so I shrugged it off. That's when the 'ROBLOX' logo changed from being white and red to all red. I was a bit startled, then, but I didn't really think of what it could be. That's when I was re-directed (without me pressing a button) to the user jdogie's profile. His statu…

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  • TheDifferentDeveloper

    I just don't know what to do ;-;

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  • Awesomeness01

    John Doe Day

    April 4, 2017 by Awesomeness01

    John Doe day is a day that was mythed that everybody that had logged into thier accounts on this day will be hacked and they wont be able to access thier account anymore. The day that the myth has been issued to happen on is the day March 18. The day is also said to be repeated every year, but not everybody can claim that as a fact. Many people say that if you want to play roblox on this day, then use a backup account or log in as a guest. For this day, John Doe will appear as a guest, and it will always be the exact same guest number (a guest number is the number at the end of your guest name, for example if your guest name is guest627, then your guest number is 627). That number that it will always be is 0. It has not been confirmed to b…

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  • Rid349

    R.I.P. Bereghost Roblox

    April 4, 2017 by Rid349

    So if you don't know Bereghost. He was a famous Roblox YouTuber from 2012 to 2015. He has over 400 Roblox videos & has at least 10 live streams on Roblox. But now, it's started to disappear from the channel. Lets look why?

    Bereghost uploaded his first Roblox video in February 26th, 2012, and it became very massively popular. So he did two more Roblox videos on March 18th, 2012 & another one on April 8th, 2012. They kept getting more and more popular. So then on July 8th, 2013, Bereghost would started playing Roblox solo & uploading one almost every day. So then, more people kept subscribing & his views & subscribers were increasing alot! Almost every day, fans would try & get themselves into a game, because we was online most of the times! …

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  • Awesomemadney

    Wings of power

    April 3, 2017 by Awesomemadney

    Hi im someone who has wings anyone ellse like me come join the blog


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  • Overman1234


    Im working on a group called Robloxian Take Over with 3k+ members. Yes some random guy botted it for some reason back in 2012. But i've decided to work on it add add some stuff now it is growing. We are currently paying are members who buy the paid T - shirts with the rank on them.

    1. Heres the whole paying thing:
    2. 🕹️Gamers🕹️ get 20 robux a week
    3. 🎈Builders🎈 get 20 - 50 robux a week.
    4. 🔥Managers🔥 get 50 robux a week.

    So yeah we still have a LOT more to add/update and i now have a couple paid people and 400+ group funds. (growing every day/week)

    If you go down to the 👾Bugs👾 rank, you can see that there are members such as 

    Kroy,   Izzac,  PwnSum,   BuilderClub,   fogert, and more famous people back…

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  • TyphoonTycoon

    I am currently developing an RPG, (or adventure) game just entirely based on cutscene movies and quests which show more story of the world as they develop their skills.

    There will be no level system at all as the stats will encourage people to kill more creatures and do more quests.

    • INT (or intelligence); this stat will increase only from doing quests, once it does increase then it will be able to increase spell damage
    • STR (or strength); this stat will increase each time you defeat 100 creatures. It increases your weapon damage each 1 strength
    • CHA (or charisma); this stat will increase your chance of getting better rewards from quests or stealing from NPC's. It will only increase from using cosmetic items found in certain areas
    • Khagaz Village (…

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  • TheRobloxOfGuy

    Design it still a goat! AND MAREEP CITY LOL SO SIMILIAR TO MEEP CITY! lol

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  • TheRobloxOfGuy

    When this first happen. MarineAhead10 Starts to have limited access. He inactive so he cannot play during the Limited.

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  • TyphoonTycoon

    I need help!

    April 1, 2017 by TyphoonTycoon

    I'm trying to upload a transparent image but it keeps going black! Could someone give me instructions?

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  • RBlitzwolfer
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  • PlayingShifty

    Hey, all! I've been using ROBLOX Wikia for a while now, but recently I decided to create an account to use to edit a page on Flight! and make it much better than is once was. For some reason, after all the edits that were needed were done, I moved on to catalog items - Things that were not yet added. I'm not sure what drew me to continue these pages and edits. Maybe because I have nothing much to do in my spare time? Who know, who cares, not I...

    Now, I've been ranked at #302 on the leaderboards already, in less than 2 days! Seriously, that is a big thing for me as I've not really done something like this in a long long time, and I'm really enjoying getting back into making pages for wiki sites such as this and contributing to communities. …

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  • Cezzedtump

    You might have known user IHaxLV right?

    I have cleared its secrets and all.

    IHaxLV was a alt account by a user named [for short] 503.

    503 sounds like a 2006/2009er huh?

    No. It's rather a 2015er [i forgot..]

    503 is just a short way to say another name that had 503 [the first 3-digits in the name].

    503 was rather a hacker [FAKE!] that made a account called IHaxLV.

    IHaxLV was a way to say I Love Hacks/ILVHax

    Though names [obviously..] were taken.

    How I Love Hacks username was taken? It had spaces!!!

    Answer: Early ROBLOX supported username spaces.

    ROBLOX claimed they let people friend John Doe and Jane Doe back in 2015.

    They posted it on the ROBLOX Blog. Check it out at

    Why 2015? It looked like she joined 2017!!

    She really joined 2015. The pe…

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  • S8776459

    so you can get robux by going to youtube and subcribe to zebdoesyoutube and see his videos live and put your name of roblox and he will go to your name of roblox and give you 220000000,00 robux and then you can us it is not a lie is real

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  • 23jcrosby15

    There is this Pinewood game i found when i thought: Is it true there is a project Europa? I searched it up, and there was one! However, the project did not open or get finished. It remains abandoned to this day. I messaged G0LDENLUIGI, and i got the response regarding Project Europa.

    Here is what he replied back to me.

    "Diddleshot started the project years ago but never finished it. It probably will not open."

    The Game though, is located here:

    He said it "Probably will not open." I soon saw that diddleshot abandoned the project.

    The Description of the game:

    [Under Construction] (Did not open at all) A deep sea research facility, designed to provide a hub for operations on Jupiter's mo…

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  • Kemalinanc8

    post our fotos here

    March 26, 2017 by Kemalinanc8

    post it

    i want it some

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  • Imdone13

    It's back

    March 26, 2017 by Imdone13

    ThePilot page is back under the old User:ThePilot page! If you have anything you would like to add message me or Tjerty/ThePilot (since ROBLOMisterJeff has quit)

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  • Gleegood1234

    I am hurt

    March 22, 2017 by Gleegood1234

    Dear blox, I am very heart and when i mean hurt it means losing a friend that I was with for a few mounths or years, it fellls harsh to loss. I am a scripter and aslo a develapor for creating things, I always have the pachen to build I dont do it because its a challange I do it because I love it. This person said "At least I have a brother that can build Better and joined 2007" Dont you think that is mean I mean I worked hard to do what I am doing, also I belive in my sef and never give u and these things are the powars that help me do what I am doing.

    But being hrut whiel doing what I like does not work it just puts my systam of emostions down.

    I hope someone can come up to me and say "wow thats an awsome place" only gaby does that :/

    i have…

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  • Ishaaneagles

    Before March 18th, YouTube channels like Poke and JD would try to either convince you that John Doe is coming, or seeing John Doe."If you leave a like the button turns rainbow!"


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  • KrazyKids4353

        Are John and Jane Doe real? Lets find out. The Story behind John and Jane Doe are somewhat right. But John and Jane Doe were created to greet new ROBLOX users. When their accounts got corrupted, no-one knew what to do. Someone found their passwords! The unknown user that hacked into their accounts comes every March 18th.

       Thats what everyone thinks, but no. When I saw John Doe on March 18th, 2017 he greeted me and all of my friends The reason users skins keep messing up is that people are finding out easy passwords. Trust me its happened to me before, including my sister. I keep telling her to stop with the blame. I get it too! if you say it won't happen, think again.  I like John Doe. He's nice, and more. But Jane Doe, Its not pretty…

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  • RBlitzwolfer

    John Doe is appearing in game thumbnails on March 18!

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  • Weasel Community

    Listen everyone. Please read this. Right now, I'm posting this and it is march 18th. These story's of John and Jane Doe get told in many different ways. Now, no matter how the stories are told, these myths can be possible, but they could be fake. I have seen all you people saying this stuff isn't real. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing. And you also have been talking about these youtube videos. People may do this for the views. But, you people haven't been seeing the other possibility: What would happen if a YouTube video actually found Jane and John Doe. See, that is where people overthink it all. Listen, what I am trying to say is, John and Jane Doe could be real. And also, when you find that John Doe and Jane Doe could possibly be real. W…

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  • NascarFan978

    There's a 2008 client designed to be 2006 can be downloaded here (if you think its a virus then you're just trolling).

    Its actually supposed to resemble leaked screenshots, but i cannot share these links, i'm sorry.

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  • Fabpotatoo


    March 17, 2017 by Fabpotatoo

    There is a story that dates back to 2007, when ROBLOX was still sort of in its infancy. Apparently, there was this user named 47810230. There are rumors saying that he would spam the chat in ROBLOX game modes, but would never cause any harm. He never broke any of the rules, except for spamming. One day he was playing paintball on ROBLOX and the official ROBLOX account was in the same server as he was. He advertised a link by spamming this link in the chat, but nobody knows what the link lead to. Some say it lead to an unknown website, others say it may have lead to the "deep web". Some even claim typing in the link and being lead to a website, with a black screen. Anyways, back to the story. Unfortunately for him, he was in the same server…

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  • Tgurt5

    An idea...

    March 17, 2017 by Tgurt5

    Is anyone here a great roblox dev? I want them to help me, you see, I want a game like Super Smash Bros, but with Roblox! The thing is, I HAVE NO BUILDING TALENT! So if anyone would like to make this game, I will post another blog post giving the details of the game, I hope someone can make this. Thank you.

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  • S8776459

    clash royal

    March 16, 2017 by S8776459

    With the boom of smartphones, you’re never far away from a new time-consuming game. With so many different options to download, it can often be hard choosing the next handheld game to get sucked into. We’re here to help, showing the latest, the greatest, and the games that aren’t worth the space on your phone.

    Last Time: Miitomo

    It’s happened. It’s finally happened. We have gotten addicted to a mobile game for the first time in a long, long time. Addictive hardly sums up Supercell’s brilliant little time suck of a game. It’s hard to put down, sure, but it’s also expertly made and knows what it is. And while it could, it doesn’t rip players off too much with timers and pay-to-play nonsense. Instead, Clash Royale is just a fantastic, fun, brig…

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  • ThatOneRobloxian71

    Its fake, ok? john and jane doe are just test accounts, and johns badges are just hacked!

    ....and why cant roblox ban them anyway?

    48 hours left to wait to find out...

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  • Furlow7

    1.Guyver:The Bio Booster Armor

    2.Guyver: Dark Hero

    3.Power Rangers legacy wars no image available 4.Wrestlemania 34

    5.Spider-Verse 2 no image available

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