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BLOXgiving 2015 was a Roblox developer-made sponsored event for Thanksgiving. [1] It is sponsored off the movie, The Good Dinosaur.


In order to gain the prizes, players had to join 3 games; Dinosaur Simulator, Epic Mining II and Lumber Tycoon 2.

Name Image Objective
Dinoball Cap
Dinoball Cap
Find it in the game Dinosaur Simulator by ChickenEngineer

DasviDino Hat

The Good Sunglasses-0
Find a block of quartz Epic Mining 2, then it has a chance of giving you a quartz key, if it does, use that key to unlock a chest that contains the hat and the badge
The Good Sunglasses
The Good Sunglasses
Find it in the game Lumber Tycoon 2 by Defaultio

Catalog Items

Name Image Price
The Good Scarf
1 tickets

The Good Headphones

1 tickets
The Dinoboard
1 tickets




Dinosaur Simulator was the only game during the event to have a BLOXGiving Game icon.