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BLOXgiving 2015 was a Roblox developer-made sponsored event for Thanksgiving. [1] It is sponsored off the movie, The Good Dinosaur.


In order to gain the prizes, players had to join 3 games; Dinosaur Simulator, Epic Mining II and Lumber Tycoon 2.

Name Image How to Obtain
Dinoball Cap
Dinoball Cap
Find it in the game Dinosaur Simulator by ChickenEngineer

DasviDino Hat

The Good Sunglasses-0
Find a block of quartz Epic Mining 2, then it has a chance of giving you a quartz key, if it does, use that key to unlock a chest that contains the hat and the badge
The Good Sunglasses
The Good Sunglasses
Find it in the game Lumber Tycoon 2 by Defaultio


Name Image Price Type
The Good Scarf
1 tickets Hat

The Good Headphones

1 tickets Hat
The Dinoboard
1 tickets Gear

Dinosaur Simulator was the only game during the event to have a BLOXGiving Game icon.