Boho Salon is a role-playing salon group and owner of the place Boho Salon V3. Boho Salon was known for its rapid growth, with over 900K+ members in a span of a few months. Because of Boho Salon's large amount of users earned over a short time frame, they have been accused of botting group members.

2016 & 2017 BLOXY Awards

Boho Salon and Boho Salon V3 were nominated for "Favorite Social Group" and "Favorite Breakout Game" during the 2016 BLOXY Awards. Though the nomination was celebrated within group members, the group and game's nominations were highly criticized because of the group's botting and scamming accusations. Boho Salon was later nominated for "Best Social Group" and "Favorite Clothing Company" during the 2017 BLOXY Awards.


Low Ranks

  • Client - People who are customers for the Salon, they can play the games, but they are not allowed to post on the group wall.
  • Suspended - People who are suspended froom their rank for a chosen period of time.

Middle Ranks

  • Tattoo Artist - Workers who draw tattoos on clients' body.
  • Children Career - Workers who care for children in the Salon.
  • Hair Dresser - Workers who style/cut the clients' hairs.
  • Receptionest - Workers who give clients permissin to use the salon.
  • Designer - Workers who design things for the salon/clients.
  • Make-Up Artist - Wokers who put make-up on clients.
  • Nail Techinuan - Workers who decorate clients' nails.
  • Wash&Dry Service - Workers who work at the Wash & Dry Service.

High Ranks

  • Senior Stylist - Workers who have mastered her/his hair cutting/styling skills.
  • Management Team - Workers who manage the group and make sure it's OK.
  • General Managers - Workers who have generally managed the group.
  • Executive - People that are executive to the group.
  • Head of Designers - Designers that have mastered their skills on designing.
  • Vice President - People who are semi-presidents.
  • President - People who are offical presidents.
  • Co-Founder - The person that is the semi-owner, it goes to MissShu.
  • Founder - The person that created the group, it belongs to Lalakiela.



A place where clients can get their hair cut/styled while workers try doing the best on them, the salon provides fine hairstyles, pretty nails and good makeovers, many peopleloved this, but a few months ago, the salon was shut down because it needed a brand new look.


A good cafe for people to play in while the salon was being updated, it provided yummy food and fresh drinks. The cafe had pink wallson the outside and some seatsinside, around it is a road along with some rocks, there is also a beach with water.


Boho Salon has received accusations from players saying that they are violating multiple Roblox rules, though the veracity of the accusations remain unconfirmed.


After Boho Salon's initial gain in popularity, players assumed that the rate of growth in the group was impossible without the use of bot accounts. These players use examples like ROBLOX High School: Fan Club, the largest group in Roblox history, taking years to gain its 2.7 million member count. Meanwhile, Boho Salon gained around 45% of ROBLOX High School: Fan Club's member count, about 1.2 million, in the span of a few months.

Nearly a few weeks after Boho Salon got its fame, Boho Salon was, and is still, accused by many infamous ROBLOX YouTubers. Many of the accounts in Boho Salon who joined the group made their accounts earlier that day, and they frequently never logged back into Roblox. Many users then came to the conclusion that they were bots trying to get Boho Salon to their fame.

The majority of Boho Salon, including Lalakiela herself, denies these accusations. They claim that Boho Salon is popular because the group's game hit the front page. Continuing their claim, they explained that, because it hit the front page, many people played it and joined their group as support. The people claiming the group was botting members did not approve the claim, as it did not explain the new, one-time accounts Boho Salon was getting. The group has since began to loose a large amount of members.

Scam T-Shirts

Around October 2016, Boho Salon held a raffle and sold T-shirt "tickets" for 20 Robux a piece. There was no information in the T-shirt's description about what the raffle was for or when it would be held. The group's description similarly had vague mentions about a raffle. Giveaways and raffles are against Roblox's Terms of Service, though it is unknown if Boho Salon faced any moderation consequences from hosting the raffle.

Quiz Application

Players wishing to have a job at Boho Salon need to complete a quiz and answer fewer than 3 questions incorrectly. Over 40,000 videos have been published to YouTube discussing answers to the quiz questions, which players have claimed resulted in it becoming easier to get a job in Boho Salon V3.


On January 3, 2017, Boho Salon went under review due to a Chat Filtering issue, as text was not filtered in some features of their game. After a few days, Boho Salon V3 was reactivated.

Boho Salon V4 promises and removal of Boho Salon V3

Many group members and Youtubers have criticized Boho Salon for delaying the release of Boho Salon V4. Shouts on the group's page initially claimed that the fourth version of the game would be released some time after Halloween of 2017; it was then delayed until after Christmas. On January 15, 2018, Boho Salon V3 was removed from the group's games page, and a shout was posted on the group wall saying:


Boho Salon V4 wil be released very soon, we really mean it. Why not head on down to the cafe or pre-release in the meantime.


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