Boho Salon is a role-playing salon group, owner of the place Boho Salon V3. Boho Salon is known for its quick growth, with over 900K+ members in total in over a span of a couple of months. Because of Boho's incredible amount of users, they have been accused of botting group members and scamming.


Boho Salon has received a ton of accusations from players, the accusation being of Boho Salon breaking multiple rules of ROBLOX.


Boho Salon was rapidly growing, so much of a growth that people thought it was too unreal, and almost impossible to achieve fame so quickly. ROBLOX High School: Fan Club, the largest group in ROBLOX history, took years to get its large amount of members. Meanwhile, Boho Salon took a span of a few months to get around 45% of the member count ROBLOX High School: Fan Club has. Many people outside of the Boho Salon community had decided to look into their group to see if there is any foul play and suspicious activity going on.

Nearly a few weeks after Boho Salon got its fame, Boho Salon was been, and is still, accused by many infamous ROBLOX YouTubers, one being greenlegocats123 (a known ROBLOX trolling channel, mainly trolling cafes. Also known as CowCowManManThingIt). Accounts that recently join the group were only made at the day they joined, and they were inactive the day after. This came to the conclusion that they were bots trying to get Boho Salon to their fame.

The majority of Boho Salon, including Lalakiela herself, denied these accusations. They claimed that Boho Salon was popular because it hit the front page. Continuing their claim, they explained that because it hit the front page, many people were playing it and joined their group as support. The people against it, obviously, did not approve the claim, as it truly did not explain the new, one-time accounts Boho Salon was getting.

Here is one of the claims a former Boho Salon executive made, shown here.


Boho Salon Christmas Festival Ticket

The T-Shirt ticket of the Boho Salon Christmas Festival.

Furthermore, Boho Salon has been accused of scamming. An example would be a raffle ticket that used to cost 20 ROBUX, This would break another rule where raffles were not to be established. The ticket barely gave any detail about the raffle. Over 370 people had bought the item and had been scammed, which equals to over 7,400 ROBUX being wasted on the item. Luckily, the item had been removed.

However, Boho Salon continued to scam, one of them being a "ticket" to a Christmas Festival which was created on December 8, 2016, and got 127 sales. It is unsure if the Christmas Festival even existed or took place, as there was no information referring to the event. The ticket was shortly taken off-sale. It is unknown what was the price, but it is certain that Boho Salon would at least gain 254 ROBUX as a profit, as the lowest price they could sell the t-shirt was 2 ROBUX.


On January 3, 2017, Boho Salon went under review due to a Chat Filtering issue, being text not being filtered in some features of their game. After a few days, Boho Salon V3 was active.

Quiz Application

As of December 24, 2016, there have been over 40,000+ videos created in regards to the quiz application that is required to obtain a job at Boho Salon, without answering a minimum of 3 questions incorrectly. Most videos tell the answers for specific jobs to viewers watching. Because of this, this makes it very easy to apply and get a job in the group's game, Boho Salon V3.

2016 BLOXY Awards

Boho Salon was in the 2016 BLOXY Awards in the Final Nominations. Their nominations were the group, Boho Salon, in the "Favorite Social Group" category and their game, Boho Salon V3, in the "Favorite Breakout Game" category. Some were happy about this, mainly from the Boho Salon community. On the other hand, others were outraged as they do not understand why a group that supposedly botted and scammed multiple times were nominated for the BLOXY Awards.


Because of Boho Salon's accusations of botting and scamming against it, the majority of players are against it. However, some people are supporting the group and denying their accusations.

Like all "work roleplay" games, players outside its community see it as a waste of time, and honestly are baffled on their fame. People are still trying to get dirt, trying to expose the group in other words, onto the game. This is because ROBLOX would possibly investigate and maybe, though unlikely, shut the game and its group down.


Some users copied Boho Salon to get more group members. However, they claimed that this is the only real Boho Salon Group, but Lalakiela's one was the real Boho Salon Group. Anyone who copied Boho Salon are just trying to break the rules, they are often Banned.

2017 Boho Salon "Hack"

Around the 1st of May 2017, the founder's account Lalakiela was compromised by BohoSalonHolder (not proven) and all her limiteds and her group were taken. Because of this, the group had to move to Breezy's Salon until they can recover their account.


  • Lalakiela - Owner
  • MissShu - Co-Owner
  • Lucyish, Boilinghotdonuts and FedoraLivy - Presidents
  • More soon.

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