BrickBattle games are those that involve players fighting each-other in order to gain KOs by "bloxxing" -destroying or killing- others. BrickBattles can be fought in teams or can be a free for all battle. The game usually does not end and players may jump in at anytime. This game type can be found throughout ROBLOX. Some examples of popular BrickBattle places are: Ultimate Paintball, Sword Fight on the Heights (arguable), and Crossroads.

Crossroads, a popular BrickBattle game by ROBLOX

Most BrickBattles (especially classic brickbattles) incorporate the use of the older, default ROBLOX weapons, which include the Sword, Rocket, Slingshot, Trowel, Superball, and the Paintball Gun.

Paling in comparison to the popularity of Swordfighting, Brickbattling is very much a nice hobby for a small population of the ROBLOX userbase. A lot of the user-pool for BBing has come from places like SFOTH, either for a chance to test the waters in another combat environment or just to pass time when an exploiter decides to go trigger-happy on their favourite swordfighting place. Given the expanded inventory of tools (Opposed to SFing's single component of the sword, sometimes with variants), it has opportunity for different strategy. It's debatable whether or not Brickbattling is more strategy intensive than SFing is, but that's an argument for another day.

Brickbattling Strategies For Different Weapons

Sword: On almost all occasions, try as best as possible to avoid using the sword unless you're absolutely sure to go into close range combat. This is to save you from certain rage that you'll bring to yourself via anyone using a rocket, slingshot, etc. A sword should normally be wielded in Brickbattling so that you charge at the opponent, hook around so that his own sword (Should he/she have one) can't reach you, and get the job done. Refrain from any kind of moonwalking because of the fact that a rocket can easily slam you from behind when you're not paying attention. However, the sword will blox an unprepared foe in a second.

Slingshot: The slingshot's potential is usually underestimated. This is a great anti-swordfighter deterrent because of how fast it saps away health when at a close range so that all of its rapid-fire pellets hit. Apart from this, it works magic in close range combat situations like buildings or rubble. It's also worth noting that this is an amazing anti-rocket trap. Shoot this at low-mid range at a rocket coming to you so that the missile will catch on to one of your pellets and it'll explode harmlessly in mid-air.

Superball: Any brickbattler worth half his/her salt is going to tell you that this weapon is going to be your bread and butter. It's so effective in long-range combat - Not easy by any means to just pick up and use, but once you develop your aim to an extent that you can hit a target with relative accuracy it's a miracle worker. You can expect to get 2-shots against others at a regular basis when working in the open field, and it's not uncommon for you to One-hit KO a person if you aim them luckily enough. Preferably, aim just above their torso when firing so that they'll soak up the maximum amount of damage when hitting 2 body parts at once. Mastering this weapon is the brickbattling equivalent of taking your training wheels off.

Trowel: Again, underestimated - If used properly, can counter most superball attacks, but you can also use it to get to otherwise inaccessible locations. Plant it at a wall just out of reach by jumping normally, and you have a makeshift platform to hop on to. Great for getting away from a player, since the wall disappears automatically after a few seconds so that they can't hop on themselves. However, the best use for the trowel is to force your foe into stalling/suiciding if you have good reflexes, and see them pulling out the Rocket.

Rocket: So many people use it so that they don't realise its real potential in combat. Number one thing to look out for here is the element of surprise. Like, throw it down like a ninja would with a shuriken. A good rule with this is to have it equipped for no more than 2 seconds. Just enough to time to throw down a rocket as close of a range as possible so that you aren't harmed yourself, and then switch to another weapon. There's no point to launching a rocket, waiting for it to hit and then waiting another 4 seconds for the weapon to reload when you can be rushing at your opponent with something like a sword or slingshot. Don't let your enemy take a break, always put a little bit of pressure onto him/her.

Bomb: Generally, this isn't used much in DIRECT combat. But coupled with the superball, it generates one of the most positively rage-inducing attacks ever invented. Throw down a bomb, wait a while so that the countdown gets shorter, and then launch a superball so that the energy from the superball transfers to the bomb. This equates to a bomb travelling at the speed of a bullet with a huge blast radius to anything around it. Incredible in the open field. You can use this as a deterrent, too. Set it off at a place you don't want your enemy to go (A cavern he could run away to, etc.) and you'll have him pinned. It also has a larger blast radius than the Rocket, and it is a far superior destructive force than the Rocket.


SNCAI - Bot BrickBattle, another well-known BrickBattle game by sncplay42, featuring advanced AI NPCs.