The sword is one of the most, if not most used weapons in Roblox. They're great for a good fight. Almost all BrickBattle places have some type of melee weapon (even miked's Ultimate Paintballhas a melee weapon in the gun!). If you train well enough with the sword, you can create some great strategies and skill with a melee weapon, which will greatly increase your bloxxing prowess.

How to use


The Sword icon in-game. All you have to do is click it.

Equip the sword by pressing 1-9, depending on where it is at the bottom of the screen, or click the icon seen above. The sword can do 2 things, slash and lunge. In order to do a simple slash, just click with the sword equipped. To lunge, double-click. In your standard sword, hitting the opponent with the sword without slashing or lunging does 5 damage. Slashing does 10 damage. Lunging does 30 damage, and is the most used attack. Be careful, sometimes people edit sword scripts so they do more damage.


  • The Sword does not collide with objects, allowing you to hit people easier without falling over.
  • The more parts hit, the more damage. Damage is inflicted through the amount of parts hit.
  • You can change direction mid-jump. If you're being attacked and need to run, hit the S key or down arrow and get out of there!
  • Double click using sword to lunge.


Wielding sword

A player with a sword equipped.

  • When using the sword spinning is a good idea because you can dodge and attack at the same time. This can cause your sword to damage your opponent multiple times.
  • When lunging, the sword can be used to float in the air for a short amount of time, use this to jump higher and further than normally possible.
  • You can use the extra lunge height to jump over opponents with less danger of being hit.
  • If someone jumps over you, turn around and lunge at them.
  • Try and enter battle with your health at max. Every bit of health helps.
  • The person who gets in the first hit usually wins.
  • The guy with the gun loses in a melee fight. Get in close if the person has a gun without a close range function.

Areas to Fight or Train

Sword Fight On The Heights IV

Sword Fight On The Heights Original