The Bricksmith Badge is a badge awarded to players when they reach 1,000 place visits.


"The Bricksmith badge is earned by having a popular personal place. Once your place has been visited 1000 times, you will receive this award. Robloxians with Bricksmith badges are accomplished builders who were able to create a place that people wanted to explore a thousand times. They no doubt know a thing or two about putting bricks together."


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  • The hammer on the original Bricksmith Badge is the same as the Super Moderator Badge.
  • The Robloxian that has the most Bricksmith badges (by glitch) is skate36, holding 5 Bricksmith badges. (Now terminated)
  • The Robloxian that has the second highest amount of Bricksmith badges (by glitch) is scorpion67890. He has 4 Bricksmith badges. He has not been banned.
  • Despite its description, users do not need to receive 1,000 visits on a single place, if they have multiple places, Roblox adds up all of the visits in each place, and if it equals 1,000 or over, one can obtain the Bricksmith badge.

Original Bricksmith image