Build your own combat ship and sail it--Very hard- was a popular game made by wacky444. The objective of the game is to sail a boat to the objective while avoiding hazards.

The game was extremely popular from 2009-2012. The game suffered a heavy decline throughout late 2013 until early 2016.

The game used to receive an average of 1,755 visits per day.


  • Copy Tool
  • Delete Tool
  • Resize Tool
  • Sword
  • Gun
  • Move Tool


It's best when you play with a bunch of friends. In order to build a durable boat. Make sure you put lots of bricks, also make sure to use an anchor and have several cannons. Be precise while shooting the rocks. As one rock can destroy almost your entire boat. There's a very smart tactic which allows you to fire automatically. First, drop your gun and keep resetting. Once you have enough guns. When one gun has to reload switch to the other gun. This will make your boat very resistant to rocks. You can also use metal to increase the durability of your boat. However, metal cannot float. So be sure to only put it in areas where it should be.



  • There is another game called Picture Gallery which Pictures the best boats ever made in the Game's History.
  • Despite its heavy decline it is usually played often.
  • Due to its lack of updates. It is often targeted for exploiting.

Video Guides

All items demonstration

All items demonstration

How to spawn a boat

How to spawn a boat