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The Builders Club Beta Features were features of ROBLOX that were open to testing by members of Builder's Club. [citation needed]

BC Beta Features were responsible for Builders Club members testing features such as Body Meshes, Personal Servers, Mega Places, Group Building were part of BC Beta features, and were discontinued as each feature became accessible to all users. Some were discontinued and replaced with new all-user features, and others are now available for any player to use. Most BC Beta Features were removed in 2011, the last being the Personal Server in 2016.

MEGA Places

Main article: MEGA Place

A MEGA place allowed BC users to increase the maximum number of players to 50, while free users could only have up to 20. These places were used by groups to hold more members. After the MEGA place was officially released to ROBLOX on January 6, 2011, these places were discontinued and any user can fit up to 50 players in a server.

Today, some places can hold more than 50 players, and these are owned by developers and may lag out if one server has over 80 people.

Personal Servers

Main article: Personal Servers

Personal servers were only available for BC members, and could hold any amount of players. Players could be promoted or demoted by in-game administrators, as well as participate in collaborative building. Unlike game places, changes made to the place were preserved, as the server would stay online 24/7 and never close. Personal servers were also used for group games, since they could follow group rankings.

Personal servers were discontinued in June 2016 with the release of Team Create, and all personal servers have been reverted to game places. Team Create has similar features to personal servers, except that place owners can turn it on off, as well as only invited users may edit the place.

VIP servers are similar to personal servers, but they are game places and they have to be purchased by a user.

See also: Team Create

Group Building

Main article: Group Building

Group Building was a BC Beta Feature that allowed users to build together in a group. It was removed in 2011, and it is now part of Team Create, in which players can edit and build places together.

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