Building tools (also known as Btools) are the main items on ROBLOX, used to build. Players can get new building tools from an owner or admin of a Personal Server, but the old building tools are currently available only from admin commands or by adding them to game from Roblox Studio. Building tools also work on ROBLOX Mobile, except for the Move gear. When a player goes into the (now discontinued[1]) Build Mode on any of his/her places, he/she would be granted with building tools.

Old building tools

  1. Move - moves bricks.
  2. Copy - copies bricks.
  3. Delete - deletes bricks.

Current building tools

  1. Stamper - shows a list of bricks. When you click on a brick from the list, you can place it. (BROKEN)
  2. Delete - works as the old Delete tool.
  3. Clone - works similarly to the old Copy tool.
  4. Rotate - rotates bricks.
  5. Configure Parts - configures bricks, like C4 (you can configure range of it). It does not work on normal bricks.
  6. Wiring Tool - wires bricks, like light to trigger.
  7. Classic Tool - contains 5 tools: Material, Move, Paint, Resize and Surface.


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  • Some building tools, such as the Clone tool and the Classic Tool, are unavailable on Welcome to ROBLOX Building.
  • The Configure Parts Tool does not work in Build your dreams