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Business Tycoons , are typically tycoons, that either replicate a business in the real world, or could create a different type of business on ROBLOX.

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McDonald's Tycoon, on ROBLOX.


The first tycoon was created in 2007, and it was surely a business one, named, "Bread Factory Tycoon" (a restaurant business). Business related tycoons are rarely built anymore, and they're mostly used for clickbaits. However, back in the old days, you could be able to find a lot of these types. As ROBLOX evolved, business tycoons declined. "Pizza Hut Tycoon", "Toys R Us Tycoon", "Burger King Tycoon", "Bank Tycoon" are just some examples.


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Pizza Hut Tycoon, on ROBLOX.

You're inventory would either consist of game related gear, or none. A ROBLOXian named, Zaquille (previously named zamsongod), created this game called, "ROBLOX City Tycoon", which accomodated a city, and different types of businesses and buildings you can own in specific locations. "Hospital", "Police Station", "Restaurant", "Hotel", "Gas Station", "School", and "Airport" were just some of the tycoons in that game. The reasons why business tycoons are so interesting is because, we get to build contents we may see in our daily lives.


As mentioned previously, you'll hardely find any business tycoon out there. Yet, they are used for clickbaits. For example, you may see a game on the front page titled, "Pizza Factory Tycoon", or "WalMart Tycoon", but those might lead you to either a military based tycoon.