Cart riding games are a common type of game on ROBLOX, prevalent in ROBLOX's earlier years, but still present to-date. Often times, new players and guests are present in these games, due to the game type's widespread presence. These games require little interaction as gameplay simply involves the player sitting in a cart and regulating the cart's speed (as to not derail).


There are many versions of cart ride games. The objective generally remains the same, riding a cart until the finish, but the location and setting varies. For example, cart ride games include "Cart Ride into a Shark", "Cart Ride into a Toilet", "Cart Ride into Heaven", etc.

Game Objective

The objective of the game is simple, ride your cart until reaching the finish. This task, although seemingly trivial and mundane, does require occasional attention as the cart's speed must be regulated to prevent derailing.


Winners may prevent cart riders from reaching the end by using paths on the track, derailing the carts. Not only do some winners troll, but even starting players can by simply standing on the track, not allowing the carts to proceed and disrupting carts. Some ROBLOXians would even alter with the speed of other's carts making them accelerate too fast or reverse causing them to derail.

Many cart ride games are criticized due to lack of differentiation among different cart riding games, and general reputation of primarily comprising of free models. It's also critized for having no effort and being boring, as most cart riding games are the same task, same rules, and same gameplay.

Cart Rides are also the culprit of deceptive advertising, with misleading thumbnails and other assets.

Cart Rides also have many more problems (Paths Don't work, Winner Items Suck, Railing is really ununderstandable to understand how to pass it, etc)

Decline of cart rides

During the genre's lifetime on the front page, carts used to function properly. However, many don't anymore and many users criticize this issue as seen on the comments of some broken cart ride games. This led to the decline of cart ride games around 2013-2015, when they were eventually removed completely from the front page.