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Castle is one of ROBLOX's many custom templates. It showcases what appears to be a small, medieval castle with two simple cabins nearby. Surrounding the castle are the typical stone walls with a neighboring river hand carved around the walls for maximum protection. Behind the walls is a plain landscape users could explore -- there is not much to explore. Not far off is an NPC that will be called Bob.

The NPC Bob

Bob explains how you can change the color of parts change how your map looks and feels. Within a cabin that resembles a home, the user can pick up 4 varieties of swords and 3 other weapons which can cause damage to other users.


The medieval-like house is located to the left of the spawn point. It consists of two floors containing a dining room on the first, an empty room (with closet) by the second floor, first door, and a bedroom consisting of two small beds, second door.


The cabin home

As you enter through the entrance door, you will see a table with a vase, cup of water, and two plates. Below the staircase to the right hide two barrels and bag. A fireplace is nearby the dining table and its weaponry of 7 different weapon.