On May 3, 2017 the Blue Faberge Egg had a total of 0 sales (due to the egg never being originally obtainable by catalog but by the Roblox 2010 Egg Hunt) and over 1,500 favorites. On May 3, 2017 the average price of the item was 200 Robux to 500 Robux. The item is also a popular item people trade other items for.


The Blue Faberge Egg was a 2010 egg that players could have acquired if they joined a server that dropped eggs during the 2010 Easter Egg Hunt. In order for the egg to drop, the server had to be full. The egg is now a Limited item and is overall a common item.


The Blue Faberge Egg is very low in polygons and in texture quality, the item was last updated in December of 2016. Instead of the egg encasing the whole wearers head, as is the case with most other eggs of the Egg Hunt series, the Blue Faberge Egg sits atop the wearers head.