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The Epic Face is a face created by ROBLOX on December 13, 2010. It was gained by buying or earning the Friendly Gift of Facebox Connect when it was opened. It represents the "Awesome Face", a popular internet meme in the late 2000's and early 2010's.

The face has 3 retextures: Epic Vampire Face, ROBLOX Madness Face and Tix Vision. The only retexture that is on sale is the ROBLOX Madness Face, which is a LimitedU item.

BrightEyes has stated that the Epic Face will never go limited.[citation needed]


  • The Epic Face was formerly used by Shedletsky, and was his signature face for a few years.
  • A rumour spread round in 2010–2012 that if the face got over 9000 favourites it would go on sale/limited.

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