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Roblox Tablet
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ROBLOX Mobile Gaming for iPad is coming...
Information accurate as of 04/01/2014
The Roblox Tablets are a Limited and a BC-Only gear. As of December 4, 2012, there are 20 Roblox Tablets, most of which are for sale by the current owner. At the time when the ROBLOX iPad promotion ends, or when the ROBLOX Mobile app officially has online game support. The current ROBLOX Tablet owners will be able — if they release their valid postal information — to receive a real-life, physical Apple iPad 3. During their release, they were labeled "Roblox Tablet #..." with their respective number of release. Many users considered these Tablets to have the highest value of all items on ROBLOX until they were renamed to the name of their owners by a deadline. If the owner was to trade their tablet after the tablet was named after them, they would forfeit the real-life iPad, thereby rendering the value useless.

After receiving the actual IPads, a select few owners traded their tablets. However, many of the tablets quickly ended up in the hands of owners unwilling to trade them due to their insane rarity.

Most tablets are not valued that high nowadays on the Let's Make a Deal Forum, due to the fact that they are labeled with their original owners and because they don't serve any real purpose in-game anymore. However, they still frequently receive offers totalling a worth of 400,000 robux or more.

Also, the original winners of the tablets formed a group to which only ORIGINAL owners were allowed access. This group is composed of some of the richest and most famous players today, who conduct discussions in the group amongst each other about no particular topic.

Tablet Winners

In the ROBLOX Tablet Giveway that started on November 13, 2012 and ended on December 4, 2012, 20 people won ROBLOX Tablets.  The list follows:

On December 4th, when the ROBLOX staff released the final Tablet, they sold the final tablet for a 1 R$ whom the user ninjabart122 was able to get. 

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