Robloxian 2.0 is a package item on Roblox. It costs 15 Robux. It was Builders Club only when it was released, but in 2013, it became available to all users. The package shows a slim body and slim limbs, as well as hands and feet. It is the most favorited and most bought package, having over 4,314,455 sales and over 247,000+ favorites (as of 1st May, 2018.). It is a very first body package to ever release in Roblox and compatible with R15.

This package is commonly paired with the Frost Guard General package. and the Skeleton package.


Release History

Location Available from Available until Status
Catalog May 14, 2010 Available to buy Status

Sale History

For a small period of time after the Memorial Day 2016 sale, the package went offsale due to the package being timed to go off-sale past the weekend of the sale. It is unknown whether this was just to tell users when it would go back from 1 Robux to 15 Robux or if it would've gone permanently offsale due to the replacement of 3.0 and 4.0 bodies. It was also taken offsale once for 6 days on 2/1/2018, but has now returned.


Many people criticise this package for being associated with online daters, to the point at which a stereotype has been formed where many users take it upon themselves to call anyone who uses this package an 'ODer'. However, Reports go as 45% OD'ers use this package, and for the 1.0 package, 48% of Od'ers use it, 56% use the 3.0 Body type and 23% use the 4.0 Body type.


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  • It is often worn in conjunction with parts of the Frost Guard General due to a popular avatar trend among younger players in the community.
  • The part of the description "all for one money" refers to the amount of Robux Builders Club members receive daily, which is the same amount as this package's price.
  • It's price was reduced to 5 Robux during the 2016 Black Friday sale. However, it did not have a Sale tag.
  • It was also taken offsale once for 6 days on 2/1/2018, but has now returned.