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The Necrosapien Staff is a gear made by ROBLOX on October 28, 2011.

When activated, the user will summon four zombies with 250 health and 18 walkspeed. These zombies will automatically follow the user who summoned them, until anyone (who is not the summoner) gets near, as then they will chase the said person.

As the zombies deal strong damage, are fast, and are quite durable, they can be a threat for anyone who cannot fend them off from a distance as they risked being overrun. 

The older yet (referred to as) the weaker version of this staff is the Zombie Staff.

It should be noted that if the zombies from the Zombie staff are summoned along side zombies from the Necrosapien staff, they will attack each other even if they are summoned by the same player.


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  • The term "Necrosapien" means dead human. "Necro" is Greek for a dead organism, and "sapien" means human.

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