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Roblox Admins are Roblox Staff members.

One way to tell if someone is staff or not, is to check the badges on their profile. All Roblox staff members will have the Roblox Admin badge located in their badge list. If they do not have this badge and are claiming to be staff, please be sure to let us know by using the Report Abuse links on their profile. Below is what this badge looks like:


Admins of roblox deal with lots stuff heres list some divisions Roblox has and what they deal with. 

1: Is Moderators- The Roblox Moderation Team , They are the people who deal with people who do very bad stuff, They are people who give you Warnings Ban or even remove your roblox user from the Roblox website.

To become and ROBLOX Staff Member today go this link for help:

Or this link to:

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