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The ChatSpeaker object is used to represent a person or bot that can chat.


ChatSpeaker has 1 property.

Pubfield string Name [readonly]

The name of the speaker.


ChatSpeaker has 8 methods.

Pubmethod void JoinChannel(string channelName)

Forces the speaker to connect to the given channel's name.

Pubmethod void LeaveChannel(string channelName)

Forces the speaker to disconnect from the given channel's name.

Pubmethod array GetChannelList(string channelName)

Returns a list of the Speaker's channels.

Pubmethod bool IsInChannel(string channelName)

Returns whether or not the speaker is in the given channel.

Pubmethod ChatMessage SayMessage(string message, string Channel, Dictionary ExtraData)

Makes the speaker say the given message and return the ChatMessage created.

Pubmethod void SendMessage(string message, string channel, string fromSpeaker)

Sends a message from the given channel to the speaker.

Pubmethod  SendSystemMessage()

Pubmethod Variant GetPlayer()

Returns the ExplorerImageIndex 12Player object associated with this speaker. Returns nil if this speaker does not have a player (for example, a bot).