A container whose contents are replicated to all clients (but not back to the server) first before anything else. Useful for creating loading guis, tutorials, etc. This class cannot be instantiated. It was added in version 0.154.


Protmethod bool IsDefaultLoadingGuiRemoved() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protmethod bool IsFinishedReplicating() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Pubmethod void RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen()

Protmethod void SetDefaultLoadingGuiRemoved() [RobloxScriptSecurity]


Protevent RBXScriptSignal DefaultLoadingGuiRemoved() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protevent RBXScriptSignal FinishedReplicating() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

Protevent RBXScriptSignal RemoveDefaultLoadingGuiSignal() [RobloxScriptSecurity]

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