The SoundService class inherits from Instance. It cannot be instantiated.

Properties Edit

Pubfield ReverbType AmbientReverb Edit

The ambient sound environment. May not work when using hardware sound

Pubfield float DistanceFactor Edit

the relative distance factor, compared to 1.0 meters.

Pubfield float DopplerScale Edit

The doppler scale is a general scaling factor for how much the pitch varies due to doppler shifting in 3D sound. Doppler is the pitch bending effect when a sound comes towards the listener or moves away from it, much like the effect you hear when a train goes past you with its horn sounding. With dopplerscale you can exaggerate or diminish the effect.

Pubfield bool RespectFilteringEnabled Edit

Pubfield float RolloffScale Edit

Setting this value makes the sound drop off faster or slower. The higher the value, the faster volume will attenuate, and conversely the lower the value, the slower it will attenuate. For example a rolloff factor of 1 will simulate the real world, where as a value of 2 will make sounds attenuate 2 times quicker.

Methods Edit

Protmethod bool BeginRecording() [RobloxScriptSecurity] Edit

Pubmethod Tuple GetListener() Edit

Pubmethod void PlayLocalSound(Instance sound) Edit

Protmethod void PlayStockSound(SoundType sound) [RobloxScriptSecurity] Edit

Pubmethod void SetListener(ListenerType listenerType, Tuple listener) Edit

Protmethod bool SetRecordingDevice(int deviceIndex) [RobloxScriptSecurity] Edit

Protmethod Dictionary EndRecording() [RobloxScriptSecurity] [yield] Edit

Protmethod Dictionary GetRecordingDevices() [RobloxScriptSecurity] [yield] Edit