A place with round studs, created by Telamon in late 2007. This place was deleted later on.

This article is about the old ROBLOX studs. If you want to see the modern studs, see Studs.

The classic ROBLOX studs were round studs which existed until they were replaced by square studs. Many users were confused when the transition to round studs and square studs occurred. In April 2009, ROBLOX was forced to change the shape of the studs to avoid copyright issues with LEGO. Users who haven't edited their character since before the change still have round studs on their character image, but not in game. Users have made models, scripts, and decals though to make these old studs come back. An "Old Stud Script" will change every brick surface to the original circle studs.

Example of another 2007 place. Except this place isn't deleted. The link to the place is here :

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