Welcome to the Town of Robloxia™ (WttToR) is a famous roleplay game by 1dev2. The game takes place in a fictional city known as Town of Robloxia. In the game, players can find a job, buy a house, and roleplay with other players. The game got famous in early 2011, but ever since 1dev2's deletion and the place being uncopylocked, the game's popularity has decreased dramatically. The game once held the title as the most visited game on ROBLOX, until being surpassed by Base Wars: The Land. Welcome to the Town of Robloxia is currently the fifth most played game in ROBLOX, ahead of TheGamer101's Sword Fighting Tournament, and behind Pieperson50's game. The game has accumulated over 18.3 million place visits, and is the fourth most favorited game, with over 365,000 favorites. The game has also inspired other roleplaying games, most famously Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia by Testin423. After 1dev2 was terminated, he created the account 1dev3 and created the game Robloxity, and is considered the successor to Welcome to the Town of Robloxia.

The game faced the decline ever since the deletion of 1dev2's account, and is having trouble reaching at least 50 users daily.

Place In Bad

Originally built in 2009, the place is based in a town called Town of Robloxia. It has a police station, a fire station, and a medical clinic, just as a real town would. It also includes other industrial and commercial private companies. Such companies include a tower, a fire station, a gas station, a factory, a mall, a small airport that's only for VIP, a school, and a news HQ.

On June 14, 2012, the game has changed to the starter map because Jaredvaldez4 stole WttToR and put it in one of his gameslots. This version of the game hit the front page. On June 29, 2012, the place was changed from a starter map back into the original game, and it was made uncopylocked, leading to the game being copied and stolen by many users, such as Jaredvaldez4 and JuliusColesV2. It is unknown who did this, but many users say a moderator/administrator set the game back to normal.

Police Station:

The "Police Station" is a law enforcement area in "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia". It is located on the outskirts on the southern-eastern side of the map, south of the suburban area. The police station is somewhat interactive as it contains a jail cell, that can be locked and unlocked by anyone. The job that involves the police station are "Police Officer", "Criminal" and "Prisoner".


The building itself, is located on the town's outskirts, right behind the southern section of the residence and west of the railway track. It is also beside a few power poles spreading throughout the town.


The building is grey, with blue strips on windows on the front side. It has a wall on the left side with red lining above resembling a prison yard. On the pavement, there are three lighting poles. On the right side there are 2 dumpsters. There is also a garage on the left face of the police station which also leads into the building. The garage leads to a parking lot. A sedan police car can be spawned in the parking lot while an SUV can be


spawned in the garage. In the entrance, you'll see a blue waiting couch on the left side and two grey doors on the right side. Both of them lead to an office for filing reports. Further, there is a jail cell that can be open and closed by anyone. The cell includes a toilet and a sink, a door leading to the prison yard.


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Target as it appears in one version of the game.

As ROBLOX evolved, ROBLOXia did too. It all started with a simple game, "Welcome to The Town of Robloxia" created by 1dev2. Fortunately, the creator refrained from copylocking the game. Many users have copied the game and added updates to bring back the memories but in the modern style. Updates have been added such as; more cars, more buildings, more jobs, better house, longer roads etc. Majority of these copied games are called, "Get a Job, Buy a House, Be Rich!", "Adopt and Raise a Cute Baby". However, all these games contain the same map.


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  • The place has been stolen many times. In 2011, 1dev2 came forward with proof that he was the original creator. On David.Baszucki's profile there is a previous copy of WttToR (originally the start of the stealing). When opening the place in Solo mode, a VIP Script can be found in the VIP Car. In the VIP Script it is written '1dev2'.
    • It was stolen so many times, that most players don't know the origin. And it is renamed in Have a Family or things with online daters.
  • Welcome to the Town of Robloxia has the fastest place visits growth in the ROBLOX history. There was a long period of slow growth (around 400,000 and 500,000 player visits), but on January 2010, the game was full of people and on 3/13/2011 it received 1,000,000 total visits. One month later it had grown to 2,000,000 place visits. It finally received 3,000,000 visits around late May 2011.
  • WttToR has not been updated for a while. So, there have been quite a few bugs including that a player cannot buy a house due to no 'Buy House' button. A player can spot this as the garage door will always be open. 1dev2's last update to the place before he was banned by was bringing the VIP back. He was then deleted due to the 2012 April Fools Hack.
  • One other glitch is when the player leaves the game (or sells the house), on the Mailbox it still says the players name. If you buy it, then your name will be mixed up with that players name. But, you can still sell your house, unlock your house doors and open your garage.
  • remake of the game by Andrew7643 is currently being made. Unlike JuliusColesV2 version, this version doesn't use free models and receives mostly good feedback.
  • Although not every player participates in this, WttToR is a hotspot for Online Daters and Role-Players.
  • The game is uncopylocked.
  • Along with Reason 2 Die by PlaceRebuilder, this is one of the only Roblox Games to have been given a good review by the Raging Roblox Reviewer series.
  • In January 2014, JuliusColesV2 created a place called, "[Adjective] Town of Robloxia!" which has hit the front page in the Summer of 2014. The place is exactly like WttToR, but contains several free models added by Julius.
    • He also has a copy on his old Julius5005 account. The JuliusColesV2 version also has about 2000 more upvotes and 8000 more downvotes, which means recently more players are visiting JuliusColesV2's than the original
  • In 2008, Janlari made a game called Roblox Town. It was a plain baseplate until this came out, and he copied the entire game with a few additions, which were super popular and liked by many people, and it became more popular than the original game. Since Janlari was a scammer he was terminated, so to the dislike of many people, it is currently unplayable. The known additions were -
    • Extra Jobs (Such as Teenager, Racer, Farmer)
    • Addition of Cars, especially Racing ones.
    • Renaming plain buildings, such as ROBLOX MART to WALMART, and RESTAURANT to KFC.
    • Expanding the map by adding extra houses and more community buildings
    • Adding a hair changing, face changing and shirt changing shop opposite to the new jumbo houses
    • RP Name changing.
  • The Roblox Mart is a representation of Walmart and houses several goods that players can buy with the currency they earn from jobs.
  • The game has been copied by JaredValdez. It is closed and can no longer be visited.
  • When you reset, your car breaks and you need to get a new car.
  • Another game was made by 1dev2 called "Welcome to the City of Robloxia". It was pretty much the same game with the same vehicle and building sprites, but the differences were that this was in a coastal island city and the roads were long with many signals and parking lots. And the houses where replaced with Apartments.
  • A unknown hacker hacked this game. The hacker teleports you to a Unknown Player's place. ROBLOX fixed the game and the hack no longer exists.
  • Sometime in 2017, the game went under review, and is currently unavailable to play.
  • There are two copies to the game other than Janlari's game, which are called "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia" and "Have a family in the town of robloxia" respectively. The first one was a bland copy for others to enjoy because of the discontinuation of 1dev2's game. But the second one, similar to Janlari's Roblox Town, was also a game with additions, but not as major as Janlari's. It had an extra car shop, two extra jobs and renaming plain buildings, like converting RESTAURANT into MCDONALDS.
    • There is a strange thing that there has been a lot of hacking on role lately. In one time period, the first game was hacked by a unknown person and the map was turned totally purple and blue. A Very frightening thing added was that the sky was totally brown, saying that "YOUR COMPUTER HAS A HARDWARE PROBLEM. FIX IT OR CONTACT THE HARDWARE STORE FOR MORE DETAILS". It has currently been fixed but is in watch of more hackers.
      • The second game was hacked too. But the hacking was kind of different from the previous one, considering that when the hacking was going on, the game was covered by a black screen which prevented the player from seeing the map. After the hacking was finished, the game was fully peach and brown, fully covered with sand. The sky was brown too. It looked like a Sandstorm had touched the town. This hacking scared many people because the whole brown atmosphere gave a feeling of super scare. There are many predictions that hackings are going to take place regularly on those games.


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