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Admin was the first user on ROBLOX. The user "Admin" joined on June 30, 2004, with the ID of 1. Before the public release of ROBLOX, the Admin account was renamed to ROBLOX and the username "Admin" was given to user ID 18 and soon after banned.

Admin was the first user to appear on ROBLOX. The "Admin" player was created by admin David Baszucki as a test for user and character functionality in early 2004.

Contrary to popular belief, the Admin account currently is not the same account as the one that joined in 2004. Before official username changes were introduced, join dates would be attached to a username rather than an ID. This being said, the 2004 join date actually belongs to the user ID 1, but shows up as incorrectly belonging to the user "Admin". This glitch has since been fixed, but both Admin's and ROBLOX's join dates now show as 2006. 

Admin's place can be viewed But it is currently under review, showing that it is not the official ROBLOX account. Admin's place is the starter home from 2009. 


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  • The "June 30, 2004" join date belongs to the username "Admin". However, on the site it appears as February 27, 2006, due to accounts under 2005 referring to that date.
  • Admin's place was created on October 9, 2006, and was last updated on June 1, 2009, despite his account being permanently banned (deleted) in 2006. This is because the place's name and description were deleted for unknown reasons.
  • Admin was banned by ROBLOX to test the ban system.[citation needed]
  • Admin had 3 forum posts.
  • His only place is currently under review, but can be edited ( since it is not copylocked. The place consists of a tutorial to use ROBLOX Studio (the original one), using a house, some blocks and a snowy terrain.
  • If you inspect element Admin's place, you can see he had 56 tickets.
    Admin's Place

    Admin's place