AustinBoBoston1Ā is a well-known user who has been a part of the ROBLOX community for over 7Ā years. His accomplishments have ranged from gamemaking to group leading. AustinBoBoston1 is currently affiliated with Gold TM , a developmentĀ group that has drawn in quite a few users since its creation.


AustinBoBoston1's early success seeded from his games. His games developed into some of the most visited and favorited of all time, with his account reaching over 3,000,000 and 30,000+ favorites. Hitting 1,000,000 place visits on one game on ROBLOX was one of AustinBoBoston1's primary goals, and has since then shown achieving several other place visitĀ milestones. Some of his games that rose in popularity include Who Killed Mario? ObbyĀ or Skyscraper Tycoon. Several popular YouTube videos have been created based off his games, such as one made by popular group of YouTubers (The Pals) "Roblox Adventures - WHO IS MARIO'S KILLER! (Who Killed Mario Obby) " His career since then has shifted to being an active trader and forumer in the Let's Make a Deal forums, which in early 2018 ceased to exist.


Eary in AustinBoBoston1's group career, he joined The Roblox Assault TeamĀ during donkey04's era, and eventually started his first clan with a few friends called "Roblox Winter War Fare Clan". Ever since his first group, he has wanted to become active in many others. Most notably, he was 2iC ofĀ theĀ Black Wolf EmpireĀ for some time, mostly under EmperorJD's rule.Ā This group grew toĀ over 100,000 members. However, due to the leader's inactivity, the group was hacked and all members were exiled.Ā AustinBoBoston1 has gained a large following from his actions within this group, and has gained a positive view from all of his supporters and friends, who support him through his endeavours within the group.Ā Later, AustinBoBoston1 founded Damage Unit, as a clan to start from scratch with his friend Exadas. With the use of VIP recruiting from his games, AustinBoBoston1 was able to recruit over 2,500 members, but gave the group to his 2iC, Exadas, who has then passed it on. AustinBoBoston1 developed all the facilities forĀ Damage Unit. He now maintains his development group, GoldĀ TM .

Trading Career

AustinBoBoston1 started as a normal robloxian. Buying BC occasionally and having a small sum of Robux. However, overtime he saved, and eventually made his first game,Ā Skyscraper Tycoon,Ā collectingĀ a total of 30,000 Robux. He then spent his 30,000 Robux to purchase a new limited known as ): Green Sidewinder. After trading it for 110,00 RAP, his trading career spiraled up quickly until he got a Sparkletime Fedora. After while of trading and being involved in groups, his trading career began to slow, and he decided to stick with a Pink Sparkletime Fedora.