BMJ44 was a well-known player for his game Nintendo Minigames. The game has over 7,000,000 visits; it became very popular, and the game earned him his fame. He once subscribed to regular BC, though he lost it about a year ago. He recently got it back, which also brought V.I.P for his place back too. He has over 1,000 friends. He has a fan group for his game, and it has about 5000 people.

Hack and termination

Nintendo Minigames got hacked and shut down, but he got it back up running. BMJ44 was also mysteriously hacked and banned on August 25, 2012. It is unsure who did it, but a possible suspect for this crime is Jaredvaldez4. While BMJ44 was getting hacked, he moved his game into his new account, LimitedsLol, because he thought it was not safe to leave his place running while being hacked. Before BMJ44 got hacked, he changed to a different look (appearing to wear a t-shirt with the word "quit" on it) to show that he has quit ROBLOX                  

BMJ44's current avatar.


Alternative and backup accounts

BMJ44's alternative account is Spiele, and BMJ44's backup account, LimitedsLol, is currently banned. Despite popular belief, BMJ444 is not BMJ44's alternate account. Later Spiele is banned. His new alternative account is BMJ33.

The Nintendo Minigames group today

Today the Nintendo Minigames Fan Group is run by Izzy1929, and an active moderator named GoZone, the reset of the Staff are famous people such as RobRedEyes2 (Created Simon Says) and iKamoo/Kamooo (BMJ44's Brother/Cousin or Real Life Friend) is really not that active.

Official spin-offs

When BMJ44 was Spiele he still wanted Nintendo Minigames to be alive and it worked but he managed to attmepted some spin-offs for more Minigames fun. Even the spin-offs didn't worked as much as the first Nintendo Minigames.

Nintendo Minigames Hangout: Click here to check it out.

Lots of people loved it and wanted a Hangout based on the game, due to limition on the "Minigames" part and the time to really build the game which was only 2 months, it really wasn't popular but many Nintendo parties happened when BMJ44 returned that was Spiele at the time. The game was made by GoZone now focusing on a new game called Mission Imbloxible.

Nintendo Minigames 2: Old Link: Click here to check it out.

       New Link: Click here to check it out.

Again, Lots of people loved it and wanted more Minigames but so many requests happened and he really want to be popular again so it happened but ended poorly again. It was on the first page once again but for a shorter amount of time as the first one. But the game falled flat because of a scammer tried to make another Nintendo Minigames and at the time people think that Spiele was not BMJ44, GoZone tried to bring people in once and it was back in the first page, but it fall flat again, and stayed there.

Nintendo Minigames today

BMJ44/Spiele was starting to be annoyed that ROBLOX won't help him get his accounted back from the hacker. He quit officially and gave it to iKamoo. Everyone was sad, more and more people left the Nintendo Minigames fan group but it managed to stay its near 5,000 member status by GoZone and Izzy1929, kept the group being actived. Nintendo Minigames was hacked again with a White screen when you join, but goes away when the next minigame starts. There are rumors that GoZone will try again in another spin-off of fixing almost all the bugs by a new game called Nintendo Minigames Remastered and maybe talking about in the Houston Mini-Bloxcon 2014. Lets hope the Minigames we know and loved come back, once and for all in the front page.