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Activity Terminated
Place visits Around 5,000,000
Information accurate as of 03/07/2013

BMJ44 is a well-known player for his game Nintendo Minigames. The game has over 5,000,000 visits; it became very popular, and the game earned him his fame. He once subscribed to regular BC, though he lost it about a year ago. He recently got it back, which also brought V.I.P for his place back too. He has over 1,000 friends. He has a fan group for his game, and it has about 5000 people.

Hacked and Banned (8/25/2012)

Nintendo Minigames got hacked and shut down, but he got it back up running. BMJ44 was also mysteriously hacked and banned on 8/25/2012. It is unsure who did it, but a possible suspect is Jaredvaldez4. While BMJ44 was getting hacked, he moved his game into his new account, LimitedsLol, because he thought it was not safe to leave his place running while being hacked. Before BMJ44 got hacked, he changed to a different look to show that he has quit Roblox. He is wearing a T-shirt that says "QUIT" on it.

BMJ44's Alternave and Backup accounts

BMJ44's alternave account is Spiele, and BMJ44's backup account, LimitedLol, is currently banned. Despite popular belief, BMJ444 is not BMJ44's alternate account.

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