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Builderman is an inactive administrator who joined in 2006.


Builderman was originally your first friend by default, and whenever a user created an account, Builderman would be their friend automatically. Since the beginning of 2015, users will start with no friends.

After the "Friends and Followers" update in early February of 2015, all users who had him as a friend are now following him, and he has no friends on his friends list.


His first look was an orange torso and a wrench T-shirt. His arms and legs were black and his head was skin-colored, while wearing the TBC hard hat. He obtained another look around 2011. He had a 2.0 package, a BC hard hat, and different shirts and pants. Today, his look is just a TBC hard hat and everything else is the same as before.

Username Change

Builderman's ROBLOX Home Page

Builderman's 2008 ROBLOX Homepage.

Builderman's username was originally set to "BuilderMan" in 2006. Around 2007, his name changed to "Builderman." Later on, it was set to "builderman" and still stays as it is today.

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