Known as a popular survival game, Survival 303 is a well known and partially famous game place created by Davidii's alternative account, Davidii2. It is a wilderness survival simulation with almost 4 million player visits.

Currently, the place is moved to another place in order to be in ownership of a group called Survival 303.


There are a few main islands and a Mainland. The islands are all of varying degrees of difficulty.

  • The Mainland
  • Bento Island
  • Rockma Island
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    The possibilities of this game are limitless if you put enough time into the game.

  • Paradise Island
  • Flax Isle
  • Teraphyx Island
  • Plateau Island
  • Spire Island
  • Magma Isle
  • Spring Isle
  • Desert Island
  • Lynx Isle
  • Ore Island


Bento Bucks

Bento Bucks are an example of a typical animal, attacking if attacked, and dropping an item. These have a single horn on their heads, which is how they attack. They are all completely brown and are quadrupeds. Bento Bucks are exclusive to Bento Island, and drop Bento Hide. The Bento Hide can be made into Bento Leather, which can be used to make different armors. These animals can be saddled.

Bento Deer

Bento Deer are exclusive to Bento Island, not unlike Bento Bucks, and share the Bento Buck's appearance, excluding the horn. These are passive. They run away when harmed as opposed to the Bento Buck, which is aggressive and harms you. The Bento Deer can be saddled.


Rockmas are exclusive to Rockma Island, and give this island its name. Rockmas are aggressive, like Bento Bucks, and will harm you. Hovever, the Rockma does five times the damage of the Bento Buck. They are gray quadrupeds with spikes on their back, and therefore cannot be saddled. They drop Rockma Hide, an item used in armor.


Teraphices are a medium sized creature native to Teraphyx Island, dwelling in the bay there wandering about aimlessly. If you even go close to these, they attack you. They have a black hide with spikes like that of a Bento Buck, and cannot be saddled. These drop Teraphyx Meat when killed. Teraphyx Meat is not as nutritious and is harder to get than Bento Meat, so it is rare to find anyone with this on a server. Teraphyx Meat, when cooked, turns black, so be careful not to burn it.


Chickens are a small bipedal winged fowl that reside on the Mainland. They drop Feathers and Raw Chicken when killed, and have an extremely low health. Chickens have either white or a tannish feathers, and in the wild spawn Eggs at the Nests they spawn near. Chickens are the only animal present in any Building, being shown in the Chicken Coup and Hen House, but purely as a prop. They are also the smallest of the animals (being slightly more than 2 cubic studs in volume), and cannot be saddled because they are too small to hold one on top. Chickens can be hatched from eggs by Processing it with a nest. After some time, they eggs hatch into a chicken. This makes a chicken the only animal that can be spawned on an island they are not native to.


Cows are the largest of all the animals, and are docile creatures that graze grass in the middle of Mainland. These creatures are strong and can resist lots of damage. Cows drop Raw Beef when killed, and can be Milked to obtain dairy products like Cheese. Cows have a large brown hide, no spikes and a large pink udder on their underside, which is where a Milking Pail must be aimed.


Lynx are a creature native to Lynx Island that is among the least-known creatures in the game. One can also be found in the back right of the Mainland. The two small Lynx drop Lynx Fur and sometimes Raw Lynx Meat when killed. Two Lynx can also be found inside Magma Island. These Lynx here however are called Cave Lynx and will always drop Raw Lynx Meat upon death.

Cave Lynx are aggressive and will attack you even if you have not angered them, but cave lynx meat is one of the few foods that can be cooked in a forge making it a valuable food source if you live on magma island.


These are the rules and guidelines of Survival 303, the longest updated game of the entire Survival Series. - All regular ROBLOX rules apply.

-No moderators or admins are allowed to abuse their powers(not allowed)

- Ripping apart of handmade items is not allowed. (Such as a house someone made) - Dragburning is not allowed. (Grabbing a burning brick and dragging across the map) - Burning is allowed (That's why you have buckets)

- Raiding is allowed. (That's why you have weapons)

- Stealing is allowed. (Same as above)

- Killing is allowed. (On your territory, was attempting to steal, etc.)

- 'Spawnkilling' or repeated killing is not allowed.

- Exploiting by using 3rd party program or a glitch is strictly forbidden. (Not only is it quite rude, but could get you banned from ROBLOX) - Placing seats in places to glitch people into the terrain is not allowed.

- Repeatedly 'seating' somebody without their consent is not allowed.

- You must show respect to the admins and mods, even if you don't like them. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

- Do not ask to be made a game admin or game mod. All such requests will be ignored and will likely ruin your chances.

-Flying is not allowed (You will get a reminder on not to fly in the game)

Mods and admins are allowed to use whatever punishment they see fit. If you are being abused*, send a message to this account.

  • Abused meaning you were banned, kicked, killed, etc by a game staff member without reason. There must be reports from multiple witnesses to verify your claim. Single reports will be ignored as they most likely mean you were breaking a rule and were punished accordingly.

The same rules apply to staff as they do to you. It's not abuse if you are killed by a staff member who is using a weapon.