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DeadzoneZackZak is a fairly new user who joined Roblox in January 1, 2013. The user was initially launched by another user named ZackZak for the Deadzone game project, hence the reason why there the username starts with Deadzone and ends with ZackZak. DeadzoneZackZak is best known for his games Deadzone and Battlefield, both of which appear on the front pages of the games page. Deadzone is a popular zombie game where players must amass food and other necessities while battling zombies and other players in a post-apocalyptic world. The game has caused some controversy because of its similarities with Apocalypse Rising. Battlefield is DeadzoneZackZak's newest game; it is a first person shooter based on the popular game series of the same name that is currently under development. Despite these issues, both of the aforementioned games had already hit the front page multiple times.



Main article: Deadzone

Deadzone is DeadzoneZackZak's most popular game. The game is well liked for the terrain present on the map. The game also features a custom-made animation system for his game which features walking, crouching, and prone positions, as well as minor item animations such as eating, equipping guns, reloading, aiming down sights, and more. However, DeadzoneZackZak has been criticized by many ROBLOX users for adding new content without testing it and thus, leading to many bugs. DeadzoneZackZak comes out with constant updates for his massive and loving fan-base. A short series of disputes happened between DeadzoneZackZak and Gusmanak due to the popularity of both Deadzone and Apocalypse Rising, and because of the similarities between the two games. One possible reason to the negative view of each other is because Deadzone was first released on the day when Apocalypse Rising was put down, due to game-breaking glitches that were later fixed.

Main article: Battlefield

Battlefield is DeadzoneZackZak's second most popular game. The game is a first person shocoter that is currently being developed by the same players who built Deadzone. Despite the fact that the game is still in alpha testing, the game has become immensely popular.


DeadzoneZackZak is repeatedly getting banned for possible reasons:

  • An Apocalypse Rising player copied Deadzone or Battlefield on a earlier made place and reported the original for no reason.
  • He posted a Twitch link following the development of Deadzone 2, which is off-ROBLOX.
  • Right now DeadzoneZackZac is unbanned as of 11/23/13


  • DeadzoneZackZak was accused by players many times for having no originality, as his game, Deadzone, had the same features as a similar game of the same genre, Apocalypse Rising.

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