Work at a Pizza Place is a very popular job simulator game created by Dued1. First created in late March 2008, the game currently has over 619M+ place visits and is currently the third most visited game on ROBLOX. It is the first game to ever reach 1M+ favorites. It has over 651,000 upvotes and 3M favorites. The aim of the game is to fulfill individual jobs as a team to deliver pizzas and receive ingame currency for your efforts, which can then be spent on furniture for your house, purchasing gear or even becoming a customer yourself by buying pizzas and drinks. This game once had over 31,400 concurrent players, and received a spinoff toy series produced by Roblox (titled "Builder Brothers Pizza").

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  • Manager
  • Cashier
  • Cook
  • Pizza Boxer
  • Delivery
  • Loading Station (for Suppliers)
  • Supplies Warehouse

There are six jobs within the pizza parlor. These jobs are all reliant on each other to function (e.g. the Cooks need to fulfill orders collected by Cashiers, while Suppliers are needed to provide the Cooks with ingredients and the Pizza Boxers with boxes). You can also be unemployed ("On Break"), although you will not get any pay-checks. Each job is described below.


The Manager is the head of the pizza place and has several duties and powers. Managers are able to hand out bonus checks to employees, name an employee as Employee of the Day, send employees back to work and start votekick processes to remove abusive players. The manager's office is located next to the pizza boxing area. It is very small, with a desk, a wooden chair, a black executive chair, a houseplant, a coffee mug and a lamp. The door is locked until the manager passes through it or a player inside the office leaves it. There is also a silver window on the opposite wall which the manager can toggle between see-through and opaque.

The manager is a one-person job, meaning there can only be one manager at a time, and no one else may become manager until the current manager quits or is fired. A manager may quit their job by clicking/tapping the "Quit Job" button, located on the panel of available options when you click on a player or leaving the game or they can walk to the "Remove Manager" button. Once a manager quits, other players can sit on the black executive chair in the manager's office and become the new manager instantly. When there is already a manager, it is impossible for others to sit on the executive chair.

If a manager is being unfair or is not doing their job, players may step on the "Remove Manager" button located near the manager's office. This will submit their vote to remove the manager. It takes 8 votes for a manager to be fired. Players are encouraged to do this if the manager is constantly slacking off, or if they are being rude or abusive (the number of votes is now shown on the "Remove Manager" button).

After the massive April 2014 update, the manager can no longer downgrade raises.

After the December 2017 Update, they will also lose their job by going on break at their house. It will ask them if they want to or not. If they choose yes, it will let someone else become manager.


Cashiers must take orders from simulated customers (modeled after the players currently in the server) which come in through the front door of the store or the drive through and must be answered to within a few minutes. After clicking on the customer, there are three options for the cashier to respond with. Two options are incorrect and will turn away the customer, and are often easy to identify. One example of this is: "Hi there, leave now or die!!!" and another one is "We are closed right now, come back tomorrow". The correct option will allow the cashier to take the customer's order. Afterwards, the cashier must listen to the customer's response and press the correct menu item button on the cash register.

Cashiers can also take orders from actual players. The player must come up to the cash register and a menu of pizzas and Mountain Dew will pop up at the bottom of the screen (all items cost 100 Moneyz). Once the player makes a selection, he or she must tell the cashier what they want in the chat, then the cashier will take the order and the pizza/drink will soon be delivered to the player's house or to them. If the cashier makes the wrong selection, the player can try to order again until the cashier makes the correct selection. 

Cashiers have a very time sensitive job since customers will leave if not attended to quickly.

In the December 2017 update, customers can now turn heads and make emotions (such as doing complex motions and changing faces,).


Cooks work in the kitchen area of the pizza place and must bake pizzas shown on the white board. The cook must make sure that the right ingredients are on the pizza and that it is properly prepared and baked. The cook is also responsible for getting Mountain Dew from the fridge, if any customers ordered one.

To make a pizza, the cook must check the white board where orders are displayed. There are three kinds of pizza: cheese, sausage and pepperoni. The cook starts by taking pizza dough from the conveyor belt near the back of the kitchen and close to the fridge and putting it on the table. There are four trays on the table: sauce, cheese, pepperoni and sausage. To add ingredients, the cook must click on the correct tray and drag the ingredient to the pizza dough. All pizzas require sauce and cheese, while the pepperoni and sausage are added onto the pizza if that kind of pizza was ordered. Below are the ways to make different kinds of pizza (Mountain Dew is a canned beverage so it does not need to be prepared).

1. Cheese Pizza: Tomato Sauce + Cheese

2. Pepperoni Pizza: Tomato Sauce + Cheese + Pepperoni

3. Sausage Pizza: Tomato Sauce + Cheese + Sausages

After the cook adds all the ingredients to the dough, they must open an oven, place the pizza in there, and close it. However, unlike the past, stopping the baking is manual and the pizza will catch on fire if left heated (a fire extinguisher can be used in case this happens). Once the meter turns green, open the oven and put the pizza on the conveyor. (Immediately take the pizza out once the meter flashes.)

If pizza is left out for a long time, bugs will feed on it and it cannot be eaten. If this happens, put it in the trash can. If you burn a pizza, remove it from the oven, grab a fire extinguisher, spray it on the pizza, then put the pizza in the trash.

Pizza that either are missing important ingridients, not baked, or not ordered will be rejected from leaving the conveyor belt and sent back to the table, instead of disappearing.

Although being a cook is relatively simple, new players may not understand how to make pizzas correctly. If this happens, they can go to the bright yellow button which teaches them how to make a pizza. However, the tutorial can play anytime but once you either delete or finished the tutorial, the button will no longer appear.

Pizza Boxer

Pizza Boxers are responsible for taking pizzas from the kitchen and boxing them for delivery. The boxing area is located right outside the manager's office. Pizza boxers take the pizza from the conveyor belt, drag them to a box and then close the box. Then they place the boxed pizza on the conveyor belt that leads to the delivery table. Mountain Dew does not need to be boxed, they can be put straight onto the conveyor belt.

Often, dozens of pizzas can be seen on the roof right above the boxing machine. This is because boxers sometimes accidentally drag the pizza above the pizzeria. If a boxer has their camera tilted just right, they can actually drag those pizzas (some pizzas will no longer be able to be picked up) back down from the roof and box them, which is a good way to make some extra money when no pizzas are coming in from the kitchen.

The pizza box used shows "Builder Brothers Pizza", it used to say "Pizza Pizza", and this is a real brand, so it was changed possibly for trademark infringement reasons.


Delivery people are responsible for delivering the boxed pizzas and Mountain Dew drinks to the correct house. Each house has a house number (such as "A1", "B2", "C3", etc.) and each order will have one of these house numbers. The delivery driver is responsible for going to the correct house and taking their order to the front door, where it will be delivered to the owner (which will be the owner's clone). If the delivery driver delivers the wrong pizza, there will be no penalty, the pizza can still be delivered to the correct customer. They get 15 moneyz per pizza/mountain dew delivered.

Delivery is one of the most crucial jobs of the pizza place. This is because of the way employees are paid. When a pizza is delivered, everyone earns money for it; so if there are no deliveries, then nobody will be paid even if everyone else is doing their job correctly. It is important to have good delivery drivers, especially those who know to take advantage of the daily "Double Time" event, where each delivery earns everyone twice as much money.


Suppliers are responsible for transporting the pizza ingredients from the warehouse to the pizzeria using large trucks, which keeps resources available to cook and box pizzas. The supplies are cubes of pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, sausages, Mountain Dew and boxes. If these supplies run out, no more pizzas can be made (or boxed if the Pizza Boxers run out of boxes), so the supplier must always watch for any items that are running low. The maximum amount of resources that each item can be restocked to is 99. If the supplies are filled when it's 99, it will not count unless it drops to 98.

There are two boards that show the stock of each ingredient: one in the pizza place's loading dock and the other in the warehouse. The supplier can check these boards to know what ingredients they need to get. At the warehouse, there are buttons (ingredient buttons will be based on their color) which the supplier can press to get boxes of ingredients, which they must load into supply trucks. Afterwards, the supplier must drive the truck back to the pizza place and dump the boxes onto the conveyor belt.

Because the pizza place depends on having ingredients, the supplier is one of the most important jobs in the game. Suppliers must know how to stack the supplies so there are no "loose" boxes, which may fall off the truck or make the truck fling off the map. They must also be able to get the ingredients to the pizzeria before the boxes disappear, which is hard if the roads are crowded with delivery cars and players (trucks can knock down trees, making the ride easier).

On Break

Players who are not currently working are "On Break". Players can get this status by walking into their house, walk into someone's house, start the game at their house, or stay inactive while working. Players who are on break do not get paychecks. Since the December 2017 update, managers will be put on break when they go to their house. They will be asked if they want to or not, if they choose yes, someone else will become manager.



A player's house.

When a new player joins the game, they are automatically given a house which they can customize. The house saves automatically (formerly have to wait for 2 minutes), and upon joining the game their house will be loaded.

There are twelve houses on the map, divided into three sections: A (A1-A3), B (B1-B6) and C (C1-C3). The player's house will be placed into a random available location on one of these three streets. Any houses which aren't occupied by players will be vacant (and will be shown on the number of the house) until a new player joins.
Example of house interior

Example of the interior of a house

There are many ways to customize a house. Players can change the color of their house's walls, roofs, doors and windows, and can also buy furniture from the in-game Catalog which they place wherever they want in their house. Additionally, certain gears, Moneyz and optional garages can be bought using ROBUX.

Houses start off very small. Use the Moneyz you earn from working, bonuses or for joining the game to upgrade your house (from January 2017 onwards). These upgrades can be upgradable to other sizes of your house (such as Large House, Two-Story House and Backyard). There is no way for you to buy Two-Story, Three-Story houses and a backyard (from January 2017 onwards) as these upgrades have been converted to be bought with Moneyz.

Formerly, players could rate houses, but this was removed, since Dued1 considered it unnessary. A like button has been added to replace the rating system (from 2 Feburary 2018 onwards). You can find it under the Customization Tab in the Store, it costs 990 Moneyz though.

This is a list of all the houses you can get through upgrading:

  1. Compact House: This house is the default home, which is very compact.
  2. Small House: The house will be bigger by a few spaces, enabling more items to be put.
  3. Medium House: The house will be turned into a much, larger house, with space to put extra walls. That's what a vacant house looks like.
  4. Large House: This is just like the second one, making the house larger.
  5. Two Story House: This house is slightly bigger than the 4th one, with a second floor added.
  6. Three Story House: It's bigger than the 5th one, because it has a third floor. This costs 16000 moneyz.
  7. Backyard: This is the final upgrade. Gives you a backyard for your house which you can put Backyard Only furniture. Backyard can be used only with three story houses.
  8. (Game Pass) Garage: Adds a garage that you can spawn in locked cars and any paint on a car will stay on, even if you generate a new car.
  9. (Game Pass) Pontoon Boat: Gives you a luxury boat with a music player and 11 seats.
  10. (Gamepass after upgrading to backyard) Basement: Gives you a basement area under a three story house.
  11. Dued1 has a Attic Concept for the Three Story Houses but is currently unknown if that he will add this upgrade to the pizza place.

Shop (Catalog & The Dump)

Since the homes of new players have nothing in them (free furniture in the Inventory. To open the inventory, click the bag on the top bar of the game.), they are encouraged to customize their homes by buying furniture from the catalog or The Dump (currently closed), using in-game Moneyz which they earn from completing their jobs. "The Dump" is a building where there is random furniture with lowered price (currently closed).

The catalog contains gear, furniture, etc., which can be purchased with in-game Moneyz. Once you buy something from the catalog, in order to use it or place it in your house, you must use the inventory (bag on top left corner). Use the remove tool (red X gear on 2nd row [gear row]) to remove furniture.

At "The Dump", you can find special discounts on items that would otherwise cost you the full price in the Catalog. There are also two clerks who can help you change the color of parts of your house in exchange for Moneyz.

As of February 3, 2018, The Dump is currently closed for maintenance or undergoing renovations. However, it will be reopening soon as Dued1 has tweeted that he has started making renovations to The Dump and that he has big plans for it. He tweeted "Let the renovation (The Dump) begin. I have big plans for this place."


In December 2015, pets were added to the server. You can either purchase them for 75 ROBUX, or 7,000 Moneyz. The player can customize the pets upon purchasing, and can keep up to 5 at a time. The pets will float near you, but can be held in the player's hand if instructed to. They may be cute, but they can also be burdens, however. The player will need to frequently check the Pet Tab on the top of the screen to check on the pet's stats. The following stats are:

  • Hunger
  • Sleep
  • Fun
  • Pet

These need to be frequently checked on, and if one of the stats are low, you can click the correct button representing the low stat to increase it (ex. If the Pet's sleep stats are low, click the "Sleep" button to put them to sleep). Pets with very low stats will have a tendency to cry. Keep your pet happy and well-cared!

The player can disable their pet any time by simply clicking the green button on the bottom right, and click it again to re-activate the pet.

Employee Benefits

The manager has the power to hand out employee benefits to hard-working employees. There are two kinds of employee benefits: Bonus checks and Employee of the Day.

  • Bonus checks can be handed out by the manager for hard work. These are blue, 150 Moneyz checks which can be cashed instantly. There is a 10 minute cooldown for handing out bonus checks.
  • Employee of the Day is a highly sought-after award that managers may appoint an employee for. The employee of the day is commemorated with a golden plaque of their avatar in the cashier and delivery rooms. There is a 15 minute cooldown between selecting employees of the day.


  • Do your job well. The pizza place depends on everyone doing their job. If even one job is not done right, almost the entire pizza chain breaks depending on what job is not being fullfilled, and everybody will be paid a small portion. However, if you are playing the cashier and everybody is on break, you will make money.
  • Don't overcrowd a job. If too many people are doing one job, they will all fight over it and there won't be anyone doing other jobs. Nobody gets paid if pizzas are not delivered, and to make, bake, box and deliver a pizza requires everyone. Each job is equally important.
  • Report trolls. If you see trolls that are messing up the pizza place, ask the manager to vote-kick them. This way, everyone can vote to have them removed from the game. If the manager still won't cooperate, wait until you get your paycheck and leave.
  • Don't hesitate to vote to remove managers that are lazy, rude and abusive. Too many managers get away with doing nothing, partying with their friends all the time, or even abusing the employees and being rude to them. Encourage your co-workers to help you remove managers that don't deserve their position.
  • Don't abandon your job to fight over the manager position. Being the manager isn't actually as fun as it sounds, since they don't earn any more money than the other workers. A recent update has made it so that they can do all jobs now. Originally, they couldn't do the Delivery and Supplier jobs, unlike as of now. Also, due to the previous manager, often times new managers have to wait a long time to start making use of the employee benefits they can give.
  • If no one is doing a particular job, you aren't going to make as much money. Many people have complained about working hard on one job for the whole day, and not actually get a good paycheck for their work. The pay is based off how many pizzas you deliver (usually at a rate of around 15 Moneyz a pizza). If you are a cook and you make all the orders of pizza the cashiers sent to you, you are not going to get much moneyz if no one boxes your pizzas and delivers them. This is why it is important to work as a team.
  • If both trucks are lost and you can't find them, don't worry. You can still get the supplies to the pizza place, even without them. There are two ways to do that; go and take them on feet, one at a time, or take 3 supplies at a time, two pushing with your car and the other holding it. It's really effective when the trucks are gone. Otherwise, just wait outside the supply building for a while and the trucks will respawn eventually.
  • Don't walk next to the supply tube in the pizzeria garage. If you walk in to the supply tube you will get sucked in until you reset your character. Now, if you accidentally go up to the supply tube, you will be resetted and teleported back to your main job. However, you can escape this if you own the Hanglider. If you walk under the supply tube and get out of it before it sucks you in, it can actually make you float, and eventually reset.
  • Make your house great and popular. Add some cool things into your house like a DJ Set, A Discofloor, A Soda Machine or a bouncy castle. It's up to you what you want to add to make lots of visitors come to your house and even get your house featured on the official page.
  • Only do supplies that are about to run out or ran out. If you do all supplies in the supply area, you won't get much supplies increased. Each box increases that supply by 5. If you do a few at a time, the supply will increase by a lot.

Easter eggs

The easter eggs in Italic are no longer in the game

  • If you fly to the the west end of the map with a hang glider, you will find an island. The island includes an old version of a The Dump employee, trees, and an angry turtle. That island has since been removed.
  • If you dive underwater while heading toward the northwest island, you can find an underwater tunnel at the edge of the beach. Swimming through it will lead you to a rocky room with a skeleton laying against the wall.
  • If you drive the boat or swim all the way to the southeast end of the map, you will find another island.
  • If you go in the southwest direction, there is a giant red snake hidden in the water.
  • On the northwest part of the game (near the edge of the water), there is a rocky island that has many trees and a fish/shark that kills if you touch its mouth. There is a chest there which gives you 1500 moneyz. The island is still there however the shark has been removed.
  • There is another island on the southeast corner that has a shelter, a homeless person and has a jungle-like appearance. You can also sell your unwanted items by talking to the homeless person. The person looks stranded considering his overgrown beard. However, the cabin accomodates 2 beds, which suggests that there were 2 stranded people but the other one had probaby died.
  • Although not an intentional Easter egg, it is possible to meet yourself. One way is to deliver to your house, while the other way is to go to the front of the pizza place and wait for yourself to enter.
  • There is a secret room that is near the drive-thru that has a dark brown wall. It contains a "Can You Keep a Secret?" poster, along with an old soda machine and an old restaurant table with chairs.
  • Burger Place Menu
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • There is an easter egg which teleports you to the Work at a Burger Place game. It can be found by going straight between houses C2 and C3, swimming in the water, and touching the Krusty Krab restaurant located under the water where then the server will take you to the Burger Place game.


This section is a trivia section. Please relocate any relevant information into other sections of the article.

  • It can be inferred that the restuarant doesn't deal with pest control much, as bugs can get on pizza frequently. It's most likely that Dued1 thought of bugs as a way to waste ingredients. 
  • It is unknown how supplies are made. A best guess is that they might be imported.
  • One of the wrong responses you can say to a customer, "Hi, I'm Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?", is from the Christmas comedy film, Elf.
  • In 2016, Dued1 was holding a place while scheduled update to work at a 
    pizza place entitled ##### club + naughty :) which introduced a new line of items for customizing player homes with a variety of different dancers, poles, and Lil Jon tracks. Immediately following the discover of the plans, Dued1 apologized diretly on twitter claiming "Oh #### dude sorry you guys weren't supposed to see that yet" and "It'll be out but not yet you guy's aren't ready for it sorry."

Inside of burger place

How to get to Work At a Burger Place

How to get to Work At a Burger Place