The Conquerors is a game made by HatHelper. The game is quite popular, having achieved over 9 million place visits, and over 143,000 favorites, this game is pretty well known to many Robloxians. It averages about 64,000 place visits a week. It is a strategy game about creating and commanding soldiers and war vehicles to battle enemies armies.


A screenshot of real game play. Includes users Blah4000 and Fivedollars.


ROBLOX The Conquerors Music 1080p HD

ROBLOX The Conquerors Music 1080p HD

The Conquerors Gameplay

Troops can be made from various buildings such as Barracks, Tank Factories, Space Links, Airporst, Docks and Forts.  In order to create said Units and Buildings you must collect money, in order to get money you must take over crystals and place a Power Plant or a Nuclear Plant near the crystal, but you need a unit near there to place it. Overtime you will get money that accumulates from the Power Plant/Nuclear Plant.  Your Command Center is what allows you to build everything, without it you can build nothing unless you have a Construction Yard or a Headquarters. Some special buildings require other buildings such as Nuclear Silo requires two Nuclear Plants.  A Nuclear Silo can only be used at the 50 minute mark, and once it has reach 50 minutes you can use it.

The Conquerors has limits on Units and Buildings one of which can be increased.  There is a limit of 10 soldiers, 7 planes, 7 tanks, 7 Boats, 25 Buildings, and 15 Walls.  All Units can be increased by using houses (+1 each house you have), but there is a limit of +3.  The Conquerors also have turrets which there is two kinds, Heavy (the more powerful one) and Regular.  Turrets are used to guard stuff and can be very useful.  Some of the stuff in Conquerors (such as Radar) can only be accessed with VIP.

Players can form Alliances where they can share the same thing, and the soldiers won't fight each other. In each round, players have 120 minutes until the battle is over. Which ever player is the last one living wins the round. There is multiple maps that sometimes allow allies, or don't allow allies, depending on the map, it can allow you from 0 - 2 allies.

If a Player has left the game there is a chance for another Player to take their spot.  If a Player does not take their spot then the base will remain still until one does.  There is two modes for your soldiers, one mode is Hostile against all other enemies (excluding allies), and the other one is Peaceful.

In The Conquerors there is multiple maps each with a different area, for example, one might be a ocean while another is completely land.  Depending on the terrain shows what vehicles will be useful compared to others.  Some areas may be very mountainous meaning air vehicles will lead to a good defense, and some are flat leaving the advantage to ground Units.  There is a possible amount of about 6 people to join on one server.  It is also possible for them not to spawn with a CC because it was either destroyed or not enough crystals.

Videos on Gameplay

Roblox The Conquerors Part 1 Winner

Roblox The Conquerors Part 1 Winner

ROBLOX The Conquerors Music 1080p HD

ROBLOX The Conquerors Music 1080p HD


Some of the criticized things in the game are attacking early, attacking when the person isn't near their base, or (most criticized of all) taking over another player's crystal.  If you done anything like this people may consider you a 'noob' and say you have 'no talent'. It can also be said about, literally, the game itself. By destroying another player, they might call you a 'noob' too. Another criticism is rage quitting. Because the amount of losses are shown in the leaderboard if you have regular vip or higher, most people quit when they are about to die.  Some players choose to call you a noob if you have joined Roblox in a early year, and use it as a excuse to say "You're such a noob, I joined before you and know what I am doing"


There is many rules in this game and this will cover the 'Major' ones.

  • Rule No.1: In "The Conquerors" it is a rule not to kill another Player on purpose unless their Command Center is destroyed, because this can lead to a unfair advantage with the other player not knowing what is going on while they are dead.
  • Rule No.2:  No using the ability of hitting a soldier and flying high into the air to get onto a platform and build a building up there that no one can reach.
  • Rule No.3: No using any glitches as a advantage.
  • Rule No.4: No building a HQ (headquarters) or anything on a unreachable spot.

IBCM Missile

There is a superweapon called the ICBM Missile. It is created at a Nuclear Silo and can be launched anywhere in the map to create a nuclear explosion which annihilates enemy units and damages buildings severely. The silo takes time to make and requires two Nuclear Plants. It can be built after the 60 minute mark.  Once the silo is done, you can make the missile in it, this also takes some time. When the missile is done you control it and click on the designated area you want to launch it to and it will fly and land at the target after a moment. If your enemy owns a missile, you should build a Radiation Center in your base to reduce the damage by half done by the missile explosion. The Missile is expensive and you need 1000 all together to make it, but the results are devastating. The only way to stop it is by destroying the Nuclear Silo, and when you do, they can't shoot off the missile. This missile will deal damage to anything no matter what it is, it takes awhile to shoot as well. After firing, another missile may be created at the silo, as long as you have money.

Nuclear Silo Missile
Time 15 minutes 5 minutes
Cost 675 325

Buildings and Units of Conquerors

This will show all the Buildings, and Units of Conquerors, how much they cost and what is required.


There is various units and this will cover all of them, telling their strength, health, how much they cost, and what is required to make them.


  • Light Soldier: These are the weakest of all Units but can work very well in groups. These cost 10 each and also need Barracks to make. You start with three of these in the beginning of the the game, they are very weak and have very low health. Light Soldiers can be used in large numbers to take out a good amount or a strong building your opponent may have.
  • Heavy Soldier: These deal more damage than Light Soldiers and have more health. These cost 20 each to make and require Barracks.  These can be used to wipe out a lot of enemies that can be in your way in numbers.  These aren't the strongest and they aren't very strong, they can be used to take out more powerful stuff and can be used as a last resort.
  • Juggernaught: Juggernaughts are supersoldiers who are much stronger than either Heavy Soldiers or Light Soldiers. These cost 55 each to make and require a Fort to make. This can be used as a group to go ahead and soak up the damage for the troops behind them. Juggernaughts can destroy plenty of stuff in a group.
  • Repairman: These repair your buildings and cannot fight. They are useful to put behind your front buildings guarding your Base and are good when they are surrounded with buildings, in large numbers they can repair a lot real fast. They cost 25 to make and require Barracks.
  • Medic: Medic heals Soldiers and can be useful in the middle of a bunch of them to heal. Medic is a very useful unit if you don't want to spend money creating more units. Medics are quite expensive, they cost 125 to make and require Barracks. Medics can be a good investment if you have a lot of soldiers.
  • Construction Soldier: These create a Construction Yard which can be used to create buildings near it.  Construction Soldier's ability to create the Construction Yard can be accessed by pressing 'h'. These cost 50 to make and require Barracks.


  • Light Plane: Light Planes are the Weakest of all the planes but provide good fire power. In a small group these can deal massive ammounts of damage but aren't too powerful against turrets. They cost 70 to make and require an Airport.
  • Heavy Plane: Heavy Plane has more health and deals more damage than the Light Plane. Heavy Planes are very good at firepower,  Heavy Planes are still one of the weakest planes but are very strong. These cost 100 to make and require an Airport.
  • Transport Plane: An urmaed plane which can carry up to 5 soldiers. These cost 125 and require an Airport.
  • Stealth Bomber: The fastest planes which deal high damage with their bombs, but are notably weaker than other planes. These cost 120 to make and require a Airport.
  • Space Fighter: One of the strongest Units in the game. The Space Fighter has lots of Health and deals large amounts of damage. They're very good for invading another enemy and trying to destroy them. Space Fighters are further ranged than the other planes. These cost 120 to make and require a Space Link.
  • Mothership: This is the strongest Unit in the game. It does massive amounts of damage and has massive amounts of health. You can only make three of these and these are the best you will get. These can be used for defense, or if you want to end someone they can be good at attacking. Motherships are almost like mobile Heavy Turrets. These cost 420 to make and require a Space Link.

Ground Units

  • Jeep: Can transport up to 2 soldiers who attack from their seats. They cost 50 to make and require a Fort.
  • Humvee: Like a Jeep except it can hold more soldiers, 4 to be exact, it provides more armor and can deal more damage with the extra soldiers in it. These cost 70 to make and require a Fort.
  • Artillery: Artillery is a tiny vehicle which attacks only buildings. It deals good damage, but is very fragile. These cost 90 and require Fort.


  • Light Tank: Even though it is a Light Tank it can still deal lots of damage and has a decent amount of hp, these can be used a a flanking weapon to take over a certain area and are good in groups and have good range. These cost 70 and require Tank Factory
  • Heavy Tank: Heavy Tank has more health and strength then Light Tank and are a very good weapon. Heavy Tanks can be used to take over areas in large numbers. Heavy Tanks are good alone too, they can kill most units with no problem. These cost 100 to make and require a Tank Factory.
  • Construction Tank: These can be used to make a Construction Yard by pressing 'h'. It does the same as Construction Soldier except allows more stuff to be made. Costs 60 and requires a Tank Factory.


  • Gunboat: Small naval unit with fairly strong attack.  These cost 90 and require Docks
  • Battleship: A large and powerful naval unit with two cannons. Provides good coast protection. These cost 170 and require Docks.
  • Transport ship: This are extremely useful for deploying soldiers across water, these do not attack to make sure do deploy your soldiers if your ship is about to break or all the soldiers inside will die.  hese can be helpful and your worst enemy. These cost 70 to make and Require Docks.


  • Command Center: This is the first building you start with, capable of firing 2 missiles that do amazing amounts of damage.  If destroyed you will lose the game unless you have a Headquarters.  This is required to build.
  • Barracks: Used to create Light Soldier and Heavy Soldier, cannot defend itself whatsoever but can produce Soldiers to help you fight.  Costs 150 to make and you need CC (Command Center), Construction Yard, or Headquarters.
  • Turrent: These provide a little extra security with a long range and high damaging shots.  These are mostly used to protect crystals or your Base, some people use these as distractions in the middle of a random battle field that has nothing in it.  These cost 60 to make and you need CC, Construction Yard, or Headquarters.


There is currently 3 VIPs in The Conquerors v1.0, they are: VIP, Bonus VIP, and Radar VIP.


  • Gives you a radar that show's everyone's units and buildings.
  • A GUI that tells you how much each team is worth.
  • Let's you change your walk speed from 1-50
  • Leaderstats.  You can see the stats of everyone in that server with a GUI, and anyone who has joined the game before you.
  • Another GUI that tells you how much time you have left.
  • 3 tab buttons to select up to 3 armies at once and switch controls between them instantly.


Currently the cost of VIP is 18 Robux or 194 Tix.


"This VIP is not meant to be cheap, I don't want EVERYONE having it.  It also will never give a player any real unfair advantage.  I will add more benefits in the future. "

Where to buy

Bonus VIP

  • This VIP includes the first VIPs benefits.
  • At the start of a new round you will earn 50 extra bonus cash.
  • Gives you 1 extra Cash per Minute for power plants.


Currently the cost of the Bonus VIP is 140 Robux or 1,500 tix.


"This is expensive so not everyone will have it!"

Where to buy

Radar VIP

  • Only gives the Radar GUI


Currently the cost of the Radar VIP is 8 Robux or 80 Tix


"If you don't want to buy the cash vip, or the default vip, you can get this and get the Radar GUI."

Where to buy


The Conquerors is an old game, coming out around 2009, but HatHelper kept updating it until his account was terminated. He then said he will no longer be developing The Conquerors, since he was terminated, and will probably not be able to get his account back. Later, in 2014, user Berezaa was given a copy of the original Conquerers by HatHelper's other account, Alkan, and proceeded to refurbish it until The Conquerers: Mark II was born. This brought some fame back into The Conquerers and added on to the original with new maps, units and buildings. Not long after, HatHelper started development on a 3rd Conquerers game, also slightly based off of modifying the original Conquerers until it was a whole entire other game. He posted several development hints on a development twitter. Development went on until around February of 2016, where he released a paid-access beta for players to play and test the game on. It stayed this way for a few months, and HatHelper (with the game now released with his alternate account BrokenBones) had been modifying it until the game was fully complete and released for free. The game added several new features, such as a flag system, extra hats as cosmetics and several new types of units and buildings to make. It was released to critical acclaim.