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Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox at War is a First Person Shooter (FPS) Military game created by litozinnamon on December 21, 2009. The game is based on and most likely a successful attempt (but still being updated, however) in recreating the popular 2008 first person shooter video game Call of Duty: World at War on ROBLOX. The game is not completely like its counterpart though, as the real World at War only has 3 killstreaks, less weapons, and there are little amounts of attachments to the guns.

Call of Robloxia 5: Roblox at War is currently the second most played game on ROBLOX, after Work At A Pizza Place, and the second most favored game, having achieved over 40 million place visits and over 523,000 favorites.The game also won The Game of the Year Award and the Best FPS Game Award at the Roblox Game Conference 2012. Many players play this game due to the great amount of skill and game-play, as well as the complex scripting. It is a well liked game in the ROBLOX Community.

A separate place made by Litozinnamon is made called "Call of Robloxia: Dev Tests", (now completed) which is a paid access place that allows players to playtest upcoming major changes, such as the addition of attachments, remapped controls (e.g. y button for opening killstreak GUI instead of g and the g button instead of left mouse click in a standalone tool to throw a grenade), and additional weapon camouflages.

Around 2010-2012, Litozinnamon originally planned to create a sequel called "Call of Robloxia 6 : Roblox Warfare 2", and even developed early tests, and a pre-alpha version, for it. However, at some point, the game was quietly cancelled as Lito has since changed his focus towards keeping CoR5 up to date.

On May 29, 2014, a ROBLOX update caused the game to completely crash, and everyone's data was erased. Unfortunately, this happened to several games too, and litozinnamon could not fix the crashes. Litozinnamon himself stated, "It's gone, guys. It's time to move on." He meant that the game was most likely going to be finished. Yet, not long after, the roblox update was replaced by another update that fixed the game-breaking bug, meaning that the server was back up.

On July 2nd, 2014, the game was merged with the engine from the Dev Testing version of the game for the ROBLOX Summer Games. It introduced Reich Bux, the currency of the game used to purchase guns, perks, killstreaks and attachments. However, minimum spec requirements have increased, leading to hate among the fandom because of the lag and crashes. It also erased all stats (excluding player stats) on May 29. Nerfing on various weapons were implemented, leading to players believing that the gun the player liked (e.g. PPsH-41) can barely kill (only damaging the target), thus putting themselves at increased risk for dying. Killstreaks were also disabled at the main game for the time being. The update sparked hate from CoR5 fans, thus starting the gradual decline of people playing on the game and the uprise of downvotes. Previously, at that rate at the time of the writing of this sentence, little to no players playing the game and downvotes overthrowing the upvotes might have soon come in the future. Despite Lito saying that their hate will plummet by in a month or so, the controversy will never die down.

However, Lito has re-released the classic version of the game again, and the link is in the description of the main game. Most people do not notice it, and continue to hate on him for deleting the old game. The classic version was, however left outdated and snipers were left broken. According to the creator, fixing it completely would require complete re-coding of the game, which he stated would rather not go with.

CSG modeling has been released, but Roblox updates have broken it, and for the time being, Lito is unable to implement it.

But the game got a lot of players when Litozinnamon updated the game during the mid of the summer of 2015 for a menu to choose mouse sensitivity. Before this update the game sparked hate due to the high sensitivity.

The game, since July/August 2015, was left outdated and broken by Litozinnamon so he can focus on Phantom Forces, the partial spiritual successor of this game. Despite this, Lito has occasionally released bugfixes as he plans to remake the game using Phantom Forces' engine and knowledge gained during the successor's development. At some point, he had a change of mind, instead choosing to close down the game.

At some point in 2016, the game was shut down, with the message "Sorry, this game is currently under review. Try again later," replacing the play button. As of Novemer, 2016 the game remains unplayable.

Gameplay, Gamemodes, and Guns

The game has four different gamemodes, elimination, CTF, domination, or team deathmatch. The game has many maps, but 5 on the voting GUI. There are over 50 guns in the game, 6 catogories, Machine guns, Submachine guns, Bolt-Action Rifles (snipers), Rifles, and Pistols.

When the player first joins a server, he/she is placed in one of the 2 teams, the Allies and Axis powers, depending on the amount of players in the teams. A GUI-based loading screen will appear as soon as the place is finished loading, which contains some information regarding the most recent updates, along with some facts about the game. After the loading screen finishes loading, the screen will then ask the player on whether or not his/her character would wear team uniforms, with the Ally uniform being an olive American Fatigues that bears the 101st Airborne Division badge on the shoulder and the Axis uniform being a gray German Waffen-SS army uniform with the Waffen-SS inscription written on the player's left wrist, though it was originally a white German uniform that has a red band on the left elbow, albeit without the swastika that is typically present on the red bands. In the beginning, players could choose to either teleport into the fighting area, where the player is provided the loadout items that he/she has selected, or choose/customize the player's loadout use "Lito's Preset Classes", which are basically various pre-set class sets that are provided for the players, or create their own "Custom Class", allowing them to choose their own set of weapons and "Perks".

There are six main categories in the classes: Primary Weapon, Side Arm, Primary Grenade, Perk 1, Perk 2, and Perk 3. Primary weapons can include any two-handed weapons, such as sub-machine guns, sniper rifles, and even dual-wielded pistols, which are two pistols that are held in both of the player's hands. Secondary weapons, or Side Arms, can only include World War 2-era handguns, such as the American Colt M1911 Pistol and the Japanese Nambu pistol. Grenades can be any weapon that can be thrown and can detonate after a set amount of time or upon impact with any solid object, such as a fragmentation grenade, the Molotov cocktail, sticky grenade, and the smoke grenade. Perks can benefit the player in the game in many ways, such as allowing the player to deal more damage (Stopping Power), and allowing the player to run for a longer time (Extreme Conditioning), although many of these perks belong to separate perk tiers. The Perk 1 slot affects what additional equipment would be carried with the player, such as Satchel Charges and 2 extra clips/magazines for the player's weapons, Perk 2 applies some effects on certain weaponry, such as decreased explosives damage taken from the enemy and faster rate of fire, and Perk 3 affects the player's character's ability, such as moving faster and dropping a live grenade upon death.

There is also a killstreak feature allowing the player to obtain better exclusive weapons added to their "Killstreak Inventory". Killstreaks can award players some special weapons for making a certain amount of kills in one life. The higher the amount of kills in a killstreak, the better killstreak rewards the player would earn, such as Artillery, Bazooka, Katyusha rocket artillery, etc. Multiple amount of killstreak rewards can be kept in the Kill-streaks storage, which can be accessed by pressing the G button, while the player has a weapon. However, the killstreak progress is reset upon death, so the player, upon getting a kill in the next life, will start over with the throwing knives instead of their next killstreak weapon.


  • Left Shift Key/ W + W (or Up Key + Up Key)- Run (increases walk-speed by 5 until 4 seconds pass, unless the player has the Extreme Conditioning perk, which extends the time. Cannot allow firing of the player's weapon until he/she stops running).
  • C- Lower stance (increases the player's accuracy and possibly decreases the player's character's visibility at the cost of a slower walkspeed. Can lower the character's stance from standing to crouching to prone by pressing "c" twice, but cannot go lower).
  • X- Raise stance (increases the player's walkspeed at the cost of decreased accuracy and possible increase of visibility. Can raise the character from prone to crouching to standing, but cannot go any higher).
  • F- Use knife (knifing an enemy instantly kills them. Can only kill an enemy with a knife while at a close range).
  • E- Use bayonet or flashlight (functions similarly to knife, but the action is slightly faster than using the knife. The bayonet is equipped on certain weapons, such as the bolt action rifles and the M1 Carbine), Change scope zoom for sniper rifles (control only works for scoped sniper rifles. The zoom helps spot an enemy from a very far distance). 
  • Right Mouse Button/Q- Aim down sights/normal zoom for scoped sniper rifles/press button while aiming to return to hipfire (the accuracy of the weapon is increased when pressing Q or the right mouse button. Scopes slightly zooms in the view when said button is pressed).
  • Z- 2x zoom for sniper rifles.
  • R- Reload wielded weapon (weapon is automatically reloaded by the player after the weapon magazine in the weapon runs out of ammunition. Reloading can be sped up using the Sleight of Hand perk).
  • V- Pick up dropped weapon (requires the player to be close to the dropped weapon in order to pick up the dropped weapon. Weapons that can be picked up from the floor comes from fallen allies/enemies, although should the player switch the weapon that he/she is carrying with the weapon that is laying, the player will drop the weapon that the player is holding and lay it down there until it is picked up. If the player has the same weapon in the inventory as the weapon on the ground, the amount of ammunition that is on the weapon is added to the player's ammunition storage for the weapon).
  • G- Killstreak Storage (opens up a GUI which shows some killstreak rewards that the player has earned. However, while viewing the storage, the player is very vulnerable to enemy damage until the player closes the GUI).

Classes and Weapons (for classic)


Class name Gun 1 Gun 2
Bolt Action Rifleman Arisaka Nambu
Rifleman M1 Carbine Luger
Submarine Gunner PPSh-41 TT-33
Shotgunner DB Shotgun M1911
Heavy Gunner DP-28 P38
Close Assault STG-44 P38
Sniper Springfield Scope M1911
Light Gunner Bar Gun Luger
Rambo Dual M1911 357 Magnum


Weapon name Damage Range Rate of Fire Mag size & Ammo
Arisaka 40 - 50 60 RPM 5 Mag size and 50 ammo
Nambu 20 - 40 1200 RPM 8 Mag size and 96 ammo
MonDragon 30 - 40 600 RPM 10 Mag size and 20 ammo
Luger 20 - 40 1200 RPM 8 Mag size and 96 ammo
PPSh-41 14 - 22 1200 RPM 35 Mag size and 120 ammo
TT-33 20 - 40 1200 RPM 8 Mag size and 96 ammo
DB Shotgun 15 - 40 100 RPM 2 Mag size and 60 ammo
M1911 20 - 40 1200 RPM 8 Mag size and 96 ammo
DP-28 25 - 40 460 RPM 47 Mag size and 120 ammo
P38 20 - 40 1200 RPM 8 Mag size and 96 ammo
STG-44 20 - 30 600 RPM 30 Mag size and 120 ammo
Springfield Scope 70 71 RPM 5 Mag size and 70 ammo
Bar Gun 35 - 45 375 RPM 20 Mag size and 120 ammo
Dual M1911 27 - 33 1200 RPM 16 Mag size and 120 ammo
357 Magnum 30 - 50 600 RPM 6 Mag size and 72 ammo

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