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Pokemon Brick Bronze is a RPG and adventure game based on the popular Pokemon series of JRPG video games.


Pokemon Brick Bronze is one of the only ROBLOX games with a story. Currently the story is about a player going to a Pokemon adventure. But later a villainous team called "Team Eclipse" kidnapped the players parents for unknown reasons. The professor later tells the player to meet with his friend Linda at Cheshma town. But Linda later steals the players necklace given by the players parents and runs into the forest. The player then meets up with the his/her friend Jake to help find her. After the player finds Linda and defeats her and gives the player the necklace back. The player then goes to beat the first gym (Electric Type), located in Silvent City. After beating the first gym, Jake gives the player a tool called the RTD (Recreational Teleportation Device) which can be used to go to the Battle Colosseum and the Trade Resort.