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ROBLOX is an automated staff account with the same name as the platform itself, primarily used to publish items to the catalog. It has a capitalized name because Roblox was officially termed as ROBLOX at the time of its creation. This account has Outrageous Builders Club but used to have Turbo Builders Club. ROBLOX's popular "Welcome to ROBLOX Building" game is under review due to the filter not being updated.


The administrators who have used the account collectively made more than 100 places but only 27 of them are active. ROBLOX's places include all of the starter places and other classic games such as Crossroads and Chaos Canyon. Many people think he is the creator, but in reality, it was David Baszucki (known as builderman back then) who created the places.

Account ID

ROBLOX also has an ID of 1. Not due to popular belief, the account was switched to different IDs multiple times. "Admin" was the first user, then it got banned and moved up to ID 18. Despite the large amounts of profile views, place visits and Robux on the account, ROBLOX has no friends but in starter years up to 2008, ROBLOX had two friends. Around 2014 (estimated), ROBLOX didn't have any friends and not even builderman (David Baszucki). It is suspected that ROBLOX did this because the account would have too many friends, and most people would leave the site or get friended by the owner of the site. builderman having about 68,000,000+ followers (used to be friends).

OVOTango Hacking Incident

ROBLOX Hacked On April 1 2012

ROBLOX posting in the forums in April Fools 2012 because he was hijacked

OVOTango Friends ROBLOX

OVOTango in ROBLOX's friends list

On Labour Day 2015, ROBLOX was online on a game called Auto Duels. In February 2016, ROBLOX was online and changed his avatar and updated his games, and he changed his look again in February 2017. In 2015, a user named "OVOTango" hacked ROBLOX so that he could get onto his friends list.  ROBLOX later unfriended him, and ROBLOX themselves said it was for Make A Wish. For some reason, OVOTango claimed that he was ROBLOX's friend "because of cancer research". OVOTango for some reason keeps on saying "A Legend Never Dies...", referring to the time he was ROBLOX's only friend.

Account creation glitch

ROBLOX's account, and many others were created in 2004, not in February 2006 as the account creation date on the profile suggests. This is because that was when Roblox decommissioned Alpha and commissioned Beta, and launched officially.


Up until 2015, ROBLOX's inventory used to be public to view, but now it is private, and so others can't view his inventory. This is probably because ROBLOX is the main creator of catalog items.

Guest Accounts

The appearance of ROBLOX used to be the same as a Guest's. The accounts DefaultGuest, BillyBloxxer and BettyBloxxer's avatars design the Guest look. Male guests (BillyBloxxer) have a True Blue Hair and the ones that didn't pick a gender are Guests that play on a phone and tablet. According to DefaultGuest's avatar, they have an "R" cap. According to BettyBloxxer's avatar, female guests have the "Pinktastic Hair".

Gear issue

Before an update in 2011, whenever an admin changes the look on ROBLOX's profile, all male guests would wear the same clothing. When gear was first released, this became a problem. Any guest playing a game that allowed gear would receive all of the gear ROBLOX owned. Both of these were fixed by creating the BillyBloxxer, BettyBloxxer and DefaultGuest accounts. They became the new outfit for guests.


When guest were first introduced, they looked more like noobs from back then. ROBLOX also fixed that by creating the BillyBloxxer, BettyBloxxer and DefaultGuest accounts.


The ROBLOX account hosted a variety of games up to September 12th, 2017(?), which slowly diminished with many places becoming inactive until all were taken down on the date mentioned (except for Crossroads). Some of these games can still be played on Super Nostalgia Zone, made by Clonetrooper1019

In late 2012, the place "City" was renamed to the location of the Roblox Game Conference as a promotion.


The ROBLOX account is known to own a copy of the vast majority of accessories and gears ever released to the Catalog. In Limited items, ROBLOX has a value of 42 million RAP which places it at the #1 spot for collective Recent Average Price. ROBLOX is valued at more than twice the collective RAP of all its items according to fan sites, and it is said that the account will hit a value of R$100,000,000 in a few years due to continued creation of new Limited items.

Join date glitch

ROBLOX's join date is February 27, 2006, according to ROBLOX's profile. This was an error for all accounts created on the first day Roblox was opened, as they were moved to that date due to a glitch. They actually joined in 2005.

ROBLOX also shares the same join date with the users John Doe and Jane Doe who happen to have the user ID of 2 for John Doe and 3 for Jane Doe.