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Stealth Pilot
Stealth Pilot
Activity Terminated
Month joined September 2006
Membership Turbo Builders Club
Place visits Around 200,000
Information accurate as of 25/06/2015

Stealth Pilot was a super moderator and a game developer[1]. He is well known for creating The Undead Coming which Jaredvaldez4 later used and renamed it to The Infection. Stealth Pilot is also credited for creating one of the first planes[2] from which most modern planes are descended.

On June 26, 2012, Pilot was supposedly terminated after being involved in a hacking issue which occurred two months earlier.

The hackers had managed to Password Guess his account and succeeded.

He later made a new account called argforpirates which did have the admin badge, then that account was terminated for unknown reasons.

He still plays ROBLOX on an account called PilotLuke.



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