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Activity Active
Month joined October 2007
Membership Outrageous Builders Club
Place visits Around 58,500,000
Information accurate as of 10/03/2015
Stickmasterluke, whose real name is Luke Weber, was the first player on ROBLOX to achieve over 10 million place visits, and is the third to achieve over 30 million place visits (after Pieperson50). He has lots of well known games. He now has over 50 million visits, which is the highest of any user. He is very well-known throughout ROBLOX. His most visited place is The Underground War. He became a ROBLOX Administrator when he turned 18 (on the same day as ROBLOX's birthday). He currently has Outrageous Builders Club. He had 3 test zones, which are titled Test Zone, Construction Zone and Halo Testing. He is also the leader of the clan Feral Nation, and is rivals with The SandStorm clan. He is also known to be a hat collector and a gear collector with over 238 pages of hats and 53 pages of gears. He is known to have the most hats on ROBLOX.


He has an organized system of places being separated by pages (10 games on each page). They are as followed in order:

Page 1 - "My Personal Favorites"

Page 2 - Finished Games

Page 3 - Non-game Places

Page 4 - Unfinished Places or Testing games

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

Page 9

Page 10

Stickmasterluke has also tried to recreate the famous online game LOLcaptions (on page 8), which is widely played on the flash game website, Kongregate. A cluster of players are given a silly image to caption, in which the caption with the most votes wins. Stickmasterluke made a ROBLOX version of LOLCaptions that got deleted due to too much inappropriate behavior and language from the players inside the game. He tried to put it back up 4 times, 3 times getting it deleted. However, recently he put LOLCaptions back up, as he is now a ROBLOX administrator.


  • He became a ROBLOX administrator on ROBLOX's birthday and his 18th birthday.
  • He also attended the ROBLOX Rally, an event hosted by ROBLOX.
  • He has been featured in NBC Bay Area News, revealing what he looks like in Real Life by ROBLOX users.
  • He has several abandoned or unfinished projects on ROBLOX that he never finished.
  • He uses his pages as references to different things like "Non-Game Places".
  • In a server on The Roblox Easter Egg Hunt 2013, he stated on how to get the iEgg.
  • He has once changed his name to "steakmakerluke".
  • He is currently the only player to have over 50,000,000 place visits.
  • He met StoneArcadius.


^ stickmasterluke's current profile.

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